How to make your marketing more gender neutral

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Updated on: March 24, 2022

If you’re looking at being more inclusive in your marketing material, take a look at these four simple tips on making your marketing more gender neutral.

1. Inclusive language

Use non-gendered language like “people, they, their” rather than “hey ladies”. Don’t assume all feminine people are women, and all masculine people are men. Ask someone for their pronouns if you’re unsure, or simply use their name! This is particularly important in online conversations.

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2. A range of imagery

Be sure to include a range of imagery in your marketing materials so that all people feel welcomed into your business. Especially if you’re using stock imagery, be sure to dig a little deeper for a diverse range rather than selecting all imagery of similar people.

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3. A diverse range of voices

Having a diverse range of people who work with you or you can consult with will ensure that you are including their voices and perspectives. Too often, people tend to hire people that are very similar to themselves, and this way, you may be missing out on a contrasting voice and opinion and therefore missing the mark in your marketing materials.

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4. Use emoji’s delicately

Be careful with exclusively using emoji’s that are Male and Female couples. Don’t exclude anyone by doing this!

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