7 buying factors for couples planning a wedding

When you’re running a business it’s good to keep an eye out for the most common buying signals or what couples will take into consideration when they’re looking at booking your services.

Whether you’re aware of what couples will likely be asking, or what they’re going to be looking at, this can be helpful to put your marketing and advertising collateral together. Not to mention it can help you convert more leads after a couple has enquired.

As with previous years, our 2019 Australian Wedding Industry Report has gone into what couples find at the biggest influencers when they’re booking their weddings. More than 4,100 couples were a part of the report this year, making it the largest and most in-depth look at the wedding industry in Australia to-date.

So with no further ado, here are some of the biggest influencers for couples when it comes to buying factors.

buying signals


Did you know that you have a 50% chance of securing a booking with a couple if you’re the first supplier to respond?

This comes as no surprise to us, as once a couple gets on a roll with planning they want to keep going! If you can get back to a couple within the first hour you have a much higher chance of securing that booking.

Interestingly, the average response time of an Australian supplier is 6 hours industry-wide. So while there is some room for improvement, we’re fairly pleased that the Australian industry as a whole has got their response times under 8 hours!

buying signals


More and more, we’re finding that couples want to book a wedding supplier who they feel understands their vision for their big day. As a result, personality and your connection with a couple are becoming increasingly important.

Particularly for suppliers who are creating a ceremony with their personality, this is a major factor as to whether or not a couple will book with you. Think about how you come across on both a professional level and a personal level because, at the end of the day, your couples want to feel like they’re important to you. And they want to have fun!

buying signals


90% of couples will be influenced by the reviews they see for your business online. So it’s more important than ever to make sure you have strong reviews for your business, and also reply to your reviews.

If you’re still building these up check out our new one review system in the WedCRM to see how you can send a unique review link to any couple who could leave you a good review.

buying signals


Your website or Easy Weddings storefront is going to be one of the first points of calls for a couple when they view your business online. It’s important to make sure you’re extremely visual and sell your best work on your profile to increase the chance of a couple enquiring with you.

If your images need some work, consider setting up a styled shoot by collaborating with other suppliers to get some more marketing collateral for your business.

buying signals

Social media

81% of couples will be influenced by your social media platforms. It’s important to know which platforms you should be using, and how you should be using them.

If a couple discovers you elsewhere, they’ll likely use your social media to check up on your business. Everything from posting regularly to make sure you don’t look like you’ve gone out of business, to replying and engaging with people in the comments, will help future couples decide that they want to book your business.

buying signals


We know that most couples are restricted by the area that they’re getting married in, so marketing in your location is actually really important. If you’ve got a lot of competition in your area, can offer something a bit outside the normal region, or are in a destination spot use your location to your advantage.

buying signals


We know that it’s not the first question you like hearing, but millennials use price as a buying signal. They’ve already looked at all the other factors when it comes to your business, reviews, storefront, and social media, and they’re ready to book.

Price is one of the final buying signals from a couple, they’ve already taken the time to see whether you’re the type of supplier who fits into their wedding day, so now it’s time for you to close the deal!

buying signal

Ready to get back to a couple? Here are some ways to increase your conversion rates.

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