What happens at a pole dancing hen party?

A pole dancing hen party is a fantastic idea. It’s a great way to get your favourite girls together for one hell of a laugh while making unforgettable memories. If you’re wondering whether pole dancing is the right thing for your hen party find out here!

pole dancing

Reasons to have a pole dancing hen party

There are three main reasons why you should have a pole dancing lesson as your hen party, the key reason being that it will be a fabulously fun party that you will never forget! You will also learn a brand new skill and it will give you an all-over workout ahead of your wedding day.

Pole dancing hen party tips

Here are four things to think about before you book that pole dancing hen party:

  1. Guests should be warned in advance so they can make an effort to wear appropriate attire. Stay away from the mini-skirts!
  2. Who is on your guest list? Ensure your invitees are young and supple, or fairly open-minded at the very least. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if one of your relatives threw a strop at having to participate in the exercises.
  3. Be familiar with the location of the studio and other things to do in the nearby area. It might be possible for you to hold your class before a drinks and a meal – your new experience giving you plenty to talk about as you tuck in.
  4. Always find out to see if you can take advantage of any optional extras. Could you be treated to a dance by a group of male performers once your session has taken place and you’re having fun emptying the bar?

pole dancing

What is a pole dancing hen party?

The format of a pole dancing hen party will depend on whether you will travel to a studio, or whether you would like to take a class in the comfort of your own home.

In a studio your guests will probably receive a complimentary glass of champagne on arrival in order to break the ice and get everyone suitably free of inhibitions. You will then meet your instructor who will be entertaining and knowledgeable and ready to make your lesson as fun as it can be.

It will be your instructor who gives you a demonstration while you are finishing off your glass of bubbly. They may even be joined by a couple of colleagues. You will then discuss what will happen during your time with them, with the bride perhaps receiving a present on behalf of the studio.

The class will begin with your party being taught a few of the more simple moves as a warm up – in a studio you should have a pole each. Next your instructor will teach you a routine that you will all perform together. It might even be to the bride’s favourite song! Should you want a keepsake of your time on your hen night, many studios provide video equipment so you have physical proof of your exploits.

Alternatively, a pole dancing instructor may visit you at your home, or another venue. This is recommended for brides who feel that they may be intimidated in a studio environment, though holding a pole dancing hen party at home can lack the glamour of a studio-based session. There is also very little chance of the party performing a routine together as, while the instructor will provide poles, it is doubtful that there will be enough room for one each.

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