The ultimate travelling honeymoon for wanderlusting newlyweds

For some couples, getting officially married is the start of domestic bliss. It’s the first step of many where you begin your lives together as spouses. You might buy a house, make it a home and have children or fur babies. It’s the beautiful beginning of a life of feeling settled and happy.

The second category is much less settled and planned. It’s all about travel and adventure. Couples in this category crave travel more than anything and so will unlikely be putting down roots anytime soon. Both of these are wonderful ways to begin your marriage, but seeing as you’re here reading this, we’re gathering the former just isn’t you and the latter is getting you all excited for an adventure.

Here are our tips to go a honeymoon that ends up being the trip of lifetime. Obviously, the length and destinations will vary based on your interests.

Step one – Escape the British weather and get someone hot

travelling honeymoon

Unfortunately, in the UK we have pretty blah weather. It’s often rainy and cold and when it is hot, we all keel over from heat stroke. If you love warm weather though and most of us do, then you simply must head somewhere wonderfully warm as soon as the wedding is over.

The best plan of action is to head somewhere nearby. This is the perfect way to ease into your honeymoon. Seeing as we’re so close to so many amazing warm countries you really do have your pick. Choose from sipping sangria on a beach in Spain, exploring ruins with gyros in hand in Greece, walk the stunning coastline of Malta or explore the bustling streets of Roma. There really are so many wonderful places in Europe to start off your honeymoon.

What’s great about heading to one of these countries is that they’re not too far from the UK. You’ll only be flying for a few hours which means you don’t need to start off your honeymoon worrying about jetlag. Spend as long as you like soaking up some much needed sun in the place or places you’re keenest on.

Step two – Adventure out

Okay, so step two is going to vary based on what you’re down for. We’ve got some options so pick which style suits you best.

Explore Europe properly

travelling honeymoon

Many of us have been to Europe at some point. We’ve either been to Disneyland Paris as children or had a girl’s weekend in Majorca. These trips are amazing and we’re such a lucky country to be able to go on them without great expense or great distance to travel.
Some of us take being so close to Europe for granted and have never actually delved deep into the wonderfully varied collection of European cultures. This is why we’re suggesting a European honeymoon.

This could involve anything from visiting countries that you’ve never visited previously like Lithuania or perhaps Bulgaria to experience something new or revisit countries you’ve been before but avoid everything touristy. You can still have a hugely exciting adventure experiencing a million different new things, but it won’t have the expense that a trip further away will cost.

Head west for an all-out American adventure

travelling honeymoon

If you’ve explored Europe pretty well and you want something really different for your honeymoon, then consider an American adventure. You could finally tick off those places that have been stuck on your bucket list for years and years. Explore places like New York, Nashville, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Portland and Chicago on your epic American honeymoon. To make this adventure even more fun, hire a van and do a huge road trip. You’ll see so much more when you drive.

Head to Asia

travelling honeymoon

If you’re looking for a unique experience for your honeymoon, you might want to consider heading to Asia. Explore the craziness of Toyko, eat sublime street food in Hong Kong and recline on a beach in Thailand. Asia is the perfect continent for adventures like you’ve never had before so if you’re after a honeymoon that is highly culturally stimulating, fun and unique then Asia is definitely worth considering.

Step three – Delve deep

travelling honeymoon

While you’re in whatever country or city you’re in for your epic honeymoon, you should think about really exploring these places. Don’t just solely hit up Disney World in Florida before leaving or visit Tokyo for two days and then leave to see Mount Fuji. Really dig deep and get to know these places. Because you take your travel very seriously, enjoy seeing untouched places and exploring roads less travelled. You’ll have an amazing time embracing these new cultures and you’ll come back with so many wonderful memories.

Step four – Head home the long way

travelling honeymoon

Depending on where you’re heading home from, you can really embrace the relaxed honeymoon vibes and make an adventure out of your homecoming.

If you were in Europe for your honeymoon, then consider hiring a car and driving back to the UK with it. You can see some amazing things on your way home that you wouldn’t have seen if you’d just flown. If driving isn’t your thing, consider catching trains home. Again, this will allow you to see more amazing countryside and it’ll extend that trip a little bit longer for those who are struggling with the idea of the trip ending.

If you’re coming home from the US, consider relaxing on a beach in Mexico or Hawaii before you fly home to the UK. This is a great way to unwind from all the adventures and the perfect way to end your break before you face the reality that the trip must end.

If you’re headed home from Asia, consider taking the long route home and stopping over in the Maldives. This will mean you can spend the Asia part of your honeymoon adventuring and exploring, knowing that when you reach the beautiful Maldives, you can just sit back and relax before you need to head back to Old Blighty.

Step five – actually come home

travelling honeymoon

So step four was all about enjoying the trip back but now it’s time to actually arrive home. This may be a sad thing, but think about how epic your honeymoon has just been. You’ve now got the most beautiful memories that you’ll treasure forever.

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