Trinket box wedding favours

Trinket box wedding favours are a great idea if you don’t want your lovely favour packaging wasted. All too often brides find the discarded boxes or containers from their favours scattered over the tables after the wedding breakfast, but a trinket box forms an integral part of the favour that can be used again. Here are a few possible trinket box wedding favours with ideas for what to put inside them.

trinket boxes

Fillings for trinket box wedding favours

Trinket boxes can lend themselves to a variety of fillings. For edible favours a trinket box should easily have room for three wrapped chocolates for a sophisticated gift. Alternatively you could follow tradition and include five sugared almonds, or you could fill the trinket boxes with mints or sweets.

Bear in mind that the trinket box itself is a wonderful present so you can just add something to make it personal. You could include a customised note to each guest, a wish for their future, a favourite family recipe, or even a poem about love or marriage.

If you have purchased jewellery for the female members of your wedding party as a gift, it’s a nice touch to place it inside the identical trinket boxes you are giving to the rest of your guests so that they get a pleasant surprise once they open it. Just make sure you don’t get them mixed up with the other favours..

trinket boxes

Here are a few styles of trinket box wedding favours:

Novelty trinket boxes

If you are having a fun theme, based on cartoon characters for example, you are bound to find a trinket box design that works perfectly with it. You can find trinket boxes shaped like animals or birds, and white doves or butterflies are very popular options for weddings. Match your novelty trinket box to your venue, or simply choose a bridal themed box in the shape of a wedding cake. You can also have topper style figures on the lid of your trinket box, and this can look effective if you choose a bride and groom.

Traditional trinket boxes

For a traditional look try classic shapes such as round pill boxes or heart shapes. For a vintage or very formal wedding, choose enamelled and jewelled boxes displaying traditional designs, or trinket boxes crafted from porcelain with painted floral patterns. Pewter boxes are also a good choice, and Celtic designs work extremely well if you have decided on a Celtic theme for your big day.

Exotic trinket boxes

Indian or Moroccan style trinket boxes are stunning so if you are having either of these themes in your wedding, or if you are just having a bold bright colour scheme, paper trinket boxes in hot pink and orange accessorised with crystals and ribbons can make eye-catching favours.

Contemporary trinket boxes

Modern trinket boxes are usually less detailed and fussy than traditional styles. Colours should be bright, and shapes or patterns should be very simple. Look for minimalist silver plated designs, clear or coloured glass, or decorated aluminium boxes.

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