The seven stages of getting engaged

the seven stages of getting engaged gifs

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When you get engaged you may feel a range of emotions. For the most part, you might be surprised. Maybe a little anxious. But above all, VERY excited.

To help prepare you, we have listed the seven stages of getting engaged below.

You find a clue…

gif bride wars


A ring box? A series of text messages between your S.O and your best friend discussing your favourite diamond shape?

Waiting for the proposal

WAITING to be proposed to


It’s like waiting for the toast to pop after you’ve put it in for a second time…

False alarm

how it feels to get engaged


You go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Your partner puts their hand in their pocket, only to pull out their wallet to pay the bill.


excited just got engaged


Suddenly, it happens! You’re engaged! Your S.O has POPPED THE QUESTION!!! Bring on the ring emojis.

You can’t wait to tell everybody

tell my friends im engaged


Gotta tell your mum, dad, sister, bestie, uncle, aunty, grandma, cousin, friend from high school that you occasionally keep in touch with, and your work friend, (so she knows the backstory before you come in on Monday).

You then realise you have to plan an ENTIRE wedding

stressful wedding planning


Turns out planning a wedding is a big job. So. Much. To. Do.

But, then you realise you’ll have lots of help and it will be fun

excited to plan wedding


After all, what are bridesmaids for?

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