Ten ways to accessorise white wedding cakes

White themed weddings are extremely popular, so it follows that all-white wedding cakes are a fashionable choice. However most couples are still looking to add interesting design elements to their white wedding cakes to make them unique and personalised. Here are ten ways to accessorise white wedding cakes:

white wedding cake

White wedding cake accessories – crystals and pearls

Crystal and pearl will add a new visual effect without adding colour and are both well suited for accessorising white wedding cakes. Select the stones that best match your dress and either decorate the cake stand itself with jewels or wrap them around the cake tiers.

White wedding cake accessories – ribbon

A plain ribbon in your wedding accent colour, tied around the base of each cake tier is one of the easiest ways to decorate a white wedding cake. It can produce an elegant and modern look that works well with your wedding theme.

White wedding cake accessories – fresh flowers

If you are stacking your tiers one on top of the other, try placing white peonies around the base of each tier. If you are having a pillared cake stand, stack white roses between the tiers to conceal the pillars. Decorating a simple white wedding cake with flowers can easily bring it to life.

White wedding cake accessories – textured icing

Chunky vertically striped icing is a very fashionable option, as is large polka dots. Having the icing applied in a textured or patterned way, rather than having it completely smooth, can add interest to white wedding cakes.

White wedding cake accessories – alternative icing

There’s no reason you shouldn’t have white butter cream icing or even white chocolate instead of the usual fondant icing for a different and delicious effect.

white wedding cake

White wedding cake accessories – contrasting black

Simply adding a black swirling pattern, a couple of black flowers, or some black polka dots to white wedding cakes, can make them look ultra-modern. The black and white theme has been fashionable in wedding cakes for quite some time.

White wedding cake accessories – white decorations

White wedding cakes can be adorned with various types of white decorations such as butterflies, flowers, lovebirds, or tulle bows to create interest and texture. Sticking to one colour actually gives you more flexibility with decorations.

White wedding cake accessories – lace effect icing

Lace effect icing gives the overall impression of a white wedding cake, with just a hint of colour, and is ideally suited for a vintage wedding theme. Ask your caterer to ice the cake in a very pale pastel version of your accent colour and then have white lace effect icing applied over the top.

White wedding cake accessories – a fun topper

Consider having a custom made wedding cake topper made as a caricature of you and your groom. A wedding cake topper is always an effective way to add interest to your wedding cake, and white wedding cakes won’t detract from the topper if you’ve taken the time to find the most appropriate one.

White wedding cake accessories – bridal gown detail

Bridal gown design details such as embroidery or beading can be replicated using appliqué patterns, piping, or dainty iced flowers. White wedding cakes are an ideal opportunity to incorporate the detailing of your wedding dress in the cake design.

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