Popular types of wedding sweets

Wedding sweets make great wedding favours as they look so cute and are also tasty treats. They are available in lots of styles and colours so you can easily find some that would go with your overall wedding theme. Here are some tips on wedding sweets and some popular types.

wedding lollies

Here are some top tips on wedding sweets

Consider your wedding theme

Wedding sweets are very effective for a casual informal wedding, with a fun theme. Think twice if you are planning an elegant evening affair, there’s nothing very sophisticated about guests licking on lollipops.

Use lollies for children

Have lollies designed with their initials or names on to add a personal touch and make children feel like special guests. Wedding lollies can make great gifts for all your guests, but if you are having more adult orientated favours such as alcohol miniatures or wine bottles, lollies can be a perfect alternative for any children that are attending the wedding.

Store sweets carefully

When you receive your sweet favours, store them in a cool place away from direct sunlight so that they don’t melt or become sticky.

Use as alternative favours

Wedding sweets can also be a great alternative to miniatures for guests that you know don’t drink alcohol. If you are giving out chocolate favours, sweets can be a good alternative for any guests that have lactose intolerance or are allergic to nuts.

Wrap sweets securely

Always check that sweets are securely wrapped when you give them to your guests; then they can decide whether to eat them straight away or take them home. Most rock or candy style sweets require airtight wrapping so if you are packaging them yourself make sure that the wrapping you use is appropriate.

Keep lollies upright

If using lollipops as favours they are best presented upright so either look for individual stands that you can place them in for the place settings, or stand them all in one container by the door so that guests take one as they leave the reception.

Have a ‘sweet bar’

If you’re not sure whether everyone would like sweets as favours you could have a sweet bar. This would be where people can pick which sweets they would like out of vintage sweet shop containers. This means people can choose what they like and anyone who doesn’t want sweets isn’t left with them at the end of the night and kids will love it!


Here are some popular wedding sweet types:

Chocolate sweets

Chocolate sweets can be wrapped in coloured foil or clear cellophane and are becoming a popular alternative to the classic box of chocolates. They can be made in various shapes such as hearts, and personalised with your initials.

Jelly sweets

Jelly sweets come in a wide range of fruit flavours and can include iced decorations or sweets as features. Jelly lollies can be made to look like bride and groom characters, animals, or funny faces.

Cake pops

Cake pops are a modern cross between a lolly and a cake and can be iced to suit your wedding theme. Some couples choose to hand out cake pops to guests instead of cutting up their wedding cakes, but they also make fabulous wedding favours.

Ice lollies

Ice lollies are great for a summer wedding and can be served in a variety of fruit flavours. To add to the occasion you can also hire an ice cream vendor to hand out ice lollies from an old- style pedal cart or theatre tray.

Rock sweets

Rock style sweets can be designed in a variety of shapes and colours with swirling patterns or funky stripes. Some favourite flavours include strawberry, mandarin, watermelon, and Tia Maria. These are the messiest sweets to eat so its a good idea to give them to your guests at the end of the evening.

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