It’s time to go engagement ring shopping!

The task of choosing an engagement ring can be too daunting for a lot of men so it may be that your groom-to-be has asked you to choose the ring yourself. Check out our engagement ring shopping guide and take your time. It’s a ring symbolising love and you will wear it for the rest of your life, so the stakes are high.

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There are a few things you should know before you go engagement ring shopping. What kind of metal would you like the ring to be made from?  What cut and carat diamond you should pick?  How will you have it arranged? What does clarity mean? Follow out tips on engagement ring shopping:

Take your time choosing the ring

Your ring will be the centre of attention over the coming months and you will hopefully be wearing it for the rest of your life, so set aside enough time to shop around for the perfect piece.  Select a ring that matches your personality, as well as one that complements your skin tone and works with the practicalities of your life. This is a rare opportunity to so pick exactly what you want in the best quality you can afford.

Choosing diamond shape and carat

The diamond’s weight or carat, is linked to its size; quite simply the higher the carat the bigger the diamond. Round diamonds are the classic shape for an engagement ring, and diamonds of this shape are generally the most radiant. Different shapes are becoming fashionable, however, and can make for a more distinctive ring.  You could decide between princess which is a square cut diamond, marquise which is a petal shape, or oval and pear shaped stones.

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Selecting the metal of your ring

The majority of brides will already know whether they prefer gold or silver coloured metals, as most skin tones fit one colour better.  Brides that have a preference for silver, might want to think about platinum or white gold bands, while those that want a gold coloured ring could select between a traditional yellow gold and a more modern rose gold.

Consider diamond clarity

Each diamond has a clarity rating or grade that denotes the amount of flaws in the gemstone. Unless you are really worried about the clarity of your diamond, a medium grade VS2 or SI1 should suffice.  The flaws in these stones can’t be seen by the naked eye. The highest standard of clarity is FL, or flawless, but diamonds like this are very pricey.

Select your diamond setting

It is the setting of the diamond that makes the difference between an old fashioned, traditional ring and a more modern style. For a modern design that also provides practicality, a bezel setting holds the diamond flush with the metal band. Traditional solitaire engagement rings use a four prong setting in which the diamond stands out from the ring and is held in place by four metal pieces. Rings can also be found with six prong settings for a more intricate design.

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