How to save for your dream wedding

We’ve all dreamed of lavish weddings, where we step out of a Rolls Royce at a stunning country mansion, but those kind of weddings cost money. Here are some tips on how to save for your dream wedding to make sure that vision doesn’t land you in too much post-wedding debt.

wedding budget

Put together a savings plan

Instead of going into debt for your wedding, start a savings plan as soon as possible. If you don’t have some savings put aside, you may find yourself borrowing most of the money, either from parents or family, or worse, using a credit card.

If you and your partner both begin putting aside regular amounts of cash into a joint savings account, you could see the funds begin to mount up quickly. Did you know the estimated amount of the average wedding budget is around £21,000? You may not be able to save the full amount but you can certainly save some of it.

When you’re looking for a savings plan remember you don’t want to tie your money up for too long, as you might have to access it to pay wedding deposits. Shop around a little and try and find a savings account that pays you a decent rate of interest, while still letting you withdraw the funds.

What are your priorities?

Every couple will have different ideas about what to spend their money on. Sit down and talk about the different elements of the wedding and decide what your personal priorities are. You’ll want to allocate more money to the things you’re passionate about and less to the aspects of the wedding that don’t interest you so much. Some aspect to consider:

  • Transport
  • Ceremony
  • Flowers
  • Reception
  • Dresses/Clothing/Suits
  • Photographer
  • Wedding Rings
  • Entertainment
  • Stationary/Invitations/Place-cards
  • Gifts/Favours
  • Sundries

wedding budget

Put together a budget

Once you’ve prioritised the different elements of your wedding you’ll need to create a budget. Check out the Easy Weddings Budget Planner to help you with this. Only you are aware of the amount you will have available to spend, so it’s up to you to work out how to divide up the available funds and where to spend them.

Negotiate on price

Those bridal stores, florists, caterers, car hire companies and wedding venues are eager to have your business, so make them work for it. Let them know you’re shopping around to find a competitive price for the items you want for your wedding and request a written quote. Never forget that you’re the customer holding the purse-strings. The prices will start to tumble once they know they’re competing against other companies for your business.

Your dream dress

One of the items in the budget you and your partner might argue about it the wedding dress. Wedding gowns can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds. However, if you’re on a budget, it’s very possible to buy and off the rack dress or even a second hand dress instead of forking out for a pricey designer dress. Another way to save money on your outfit is to purchase a bridesmaid dress or evening dress in white or ivory. These can look just as elegant as a wedding dress, particularly once they’re dressed up with a veil and a gorgeous bouquet.

Don’t cut too many corners

While it’s fine to keep to a close budget, there are some areas where it’s not advisable to skimp on cost. One of these is photography. You only get one shot at getting those memorable photos so it’s worth hiring a professional to capture those moments that you will treasure forever.

Another area to fork out on (mind the pun!) is catering. Of course it’s acceptable to cut down from a five-course meal to a two course meal, offering just a main course and a dessert. However, don’t be tempted to serve up poor quality ingredients.

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