How To Choose The Perfect Bride Squad

For brides across the world, choosing their bridesmaids is a top priority when it comes to planning their dream wedding. But before you propose to your bridesmaids, we recommend going through the motions to truly understand who you are picking to stand by your side on such a special occasion and if they are the right choice in the long run.

To help connect you with your dream bridesmaid squad, we’ve compiled a number of important questions to get you thinking.

What look are you going for?

how to choose bridesmaids

Before even considering who to ask to be your bridesmaid, we recommend trying to envision your dream wedding. If you are going for a traditional white wedding, generally three to five bridesmaids is the norm. For more relaxed rustic weddings, the number is more like one or two key bridesmaids.

Additionally, you should discuss the number of groomsmen your betrothed envisioned having by his side. If he’s come up with a number twice yours, perhaps you can make a compromise and meet in the middle to ensure both sides of the bridal party match and nobody is left walking down the aisle or dancing by themselves.

Are you paying for anything and if not, can they afford it?

Before asking your bridesmaids to stand by your side at such a special occasion, you’ll need to decide what you are providing and what you expect them to chip in for. While many bride squads are willing to fork out the cost of the bridesmaid dress, they perhaps might not be so enthusiastic about paying for professional hair styling, makeup, shoes, accessories etc. Similarly, you might not be willing to pay thousands of dollars to dress more than five bridesmaids.

To avoid this, you can simply choose to have less bridesmaids (and therefore pay for less) or only include close friends and family willing to front up the cost of the honour.

Have they lent a helping hand when needed in the past?

how to choose bridesmaids

This is an important question to consider when vetting your bridesmaids.

Unfortunately it’s common for friendships to be one sided. Before proposing to your bridesmaids, think about it: have your choice in bridesmaids been there for you in the past?

It’s your special day, after all. You should be surrounded by people who support you wholeheartedly.

Do they have other commitments that take priority?

While your wedding may be your top priority at this time in your life, it probably isn’t for your bridesmaids. Outside of your wedding, life goes on and people have other commitments to attend to.

Before bestowing tasks upon your bridesmaids, it’s important to consider whether they actually have time to commit to them.

For example, mothers with young children perhaps won’t have time to visit every bridal boutique with you. Similarly, those who live farther afield may not have the time or energy to visit often to help with the wedding.

You can still have these people as your bridesmaids, but it might be worth giving them simpler tasks or simply remaining content with them being part of your day.

Do you feel yourself around them?

how to choose bridesmaids

This seems like an obvious question. They’re your closest girlfriends, of course you feel yourself around them!

But do you really?

It’s important to consider which friends bring you up and get you feeling excited about your wedding when recruiting for your bride squad.

If you aren’t comfortable with them holding your dress while you use the toilet, perhaps they’re not as close as you originally thought.

What is the reason behind your choice?

Before proposing to your bride squad, we recommend thinking long and hard about the reasoning behind your choices. For instance, are you scraping together whoever’s available simply to match the number of groomsmen? Are you just including a cousin because she’s family?

It’s your wedding – your bride squad should be perfect.

how to choose bridesmaids

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