Honeymoon packing – a list of essentials

Honeymoon packing often gets left to the last minute as you’ve got so much else to think about in the run up to the wedding, but make sure you schedule some time in your diary as it’s more important than you think. Here are our top tips on honeymoon packing:

honeymoon packing

Selecting the right items to take with you

It’s always good to purchase new clothes to bring on holiday with you, and this is especially the case for your honeymoon. Although the two of you may have been together for a long time, getting married signifies a new chapter in your lives and your husband will be seeing you in a new light. You need to look and feel at your best, and surprise him with some pretty clothes he hasn’t seen before.

If, like majority of brides, you have lost some weight, gotten a fantastic tan, or followed a different skincare regime before your wedding, you should exploit this new you and purchase clothes that really highlight how great you’re looking. Plus you want to look amazing in those honeymoon pictures, as they are going to be seen by your entire family and your friends together with the wedding photos.

The items you’ll need depends on the weather, and what you plan to do during your honeymoon. Here is a basic list for a beach based honeymoon.

  • A few t-shirts or vest tops to wear during the day
  • One pair of jeans or combats to travel in
  • A couple of bikinis for sunbathing
  • A swimsuit for water sports
  • A sundress or sarong to wear on the beach
  • A few pairs of shorts or skirts
  • A couple of evening dresses
  • Sunglasses and a sun hat and
  • A pair of sandals or flip flops
  • A pair of walking shoes
  • A pair of wedges for the evening
  • A light jacket or sweatshirt
  • A cardigan or shawl to go with your dresses
  • Lots of fabulous lingerie including nightdresses

Leave enough space in your suitcase for souvenirs or have an extra small daysack that could be utilised for day trips while you are away, and then also work as a bag for your holiday souvenirs. Depending where you are travelling to you should be able to purchase toiletries, sunscreen and basic medications at the destination, though if you are concerned, or like specific brands, ensure you stock up before you leave.

honeymoon packing

Check your travel documents

The most important document to check is your passport. You are allowed to travel on your maiden name if you don’t feel like changing your passport immediately, but if you wish to travel on your married name, ensure you have your passport renewed a couple of months in advance. Your wedding registrar might be able to sign a form allowing you to do this.

In addition to your passport, ensure you have your flight tickets or e-mail confirmation, the travel insurance documents, your driving license, your credit card, your hotel booking details, and `possible medical information you require. Make sure you get photocopies of these documents and have them with you in a different bag from the originals, and leave some behind at home for family or friends to keep hold of. Organising your travel documents will ensure you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

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