8 awesome alternative hen’s party ideas

alternative hens party ideas

Today’s hen’s parties are no longer confined to wild nights out. After all, not every bride is the party-’til-you-drop type and many aren’t at all interested in strippers, endless rounds of booze and whatever else a ‘last night of freedom’ may bring. Here are eight hen’s party alternatives that may be tamer than the traditional – but they’re no less fun…

A destination hen’s event

Who’ll love it best: Brides with wanderlust who want her tight-knit group of gal pals to experience a little travel adventure.

What’s in it for everyone: A weekend away at the beach, another city or country, the countryside, or your go-to special place.

A trip away with the bride’s closest friends to celebrate her big day will make for a memorable, even magical, hen’s celebration and, if your budget allows for it, you could always take the party overseas!

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Who’ll love it best: The bride whose perfect night out is one spent beneath the stars

What’s in it for everyone: A night of adventure in the wild outdoors

If you’re that way inclined, camping can be terribly exciting, but for a twist on your bride’s favourite past time, try a little glamping – or ‘glamorous camping,’ instead.

It’s luxury camping where, for example, you’ll have access to actual bathrooms and more than a few creature comforts.

You can decorate your giant and very luxurious tent however you wish and plan for fun activities throughout the day. Don’t forget the marshmallows – and a little star-gazing at night!

Flower arrangement class

Who’ll love it best: The creative bride who loves to DIY

What’s in it for everyone: An Instagram/Pinterest kinda day in the presence of pretty flowers.

This hen’s party idea goes perfectly with a pretty spread of berries, canapés and champagne, preferably outside on a sunny afternoon. Hire a florist who can bring over the necessary material and teach your group for a few of hours how to arrange flowers for different occasions.

Wine tasting

Who’ll love it best: The bride who prefers intimate gatherings and a little chit chat with her gal pals

What’s in it for everyone: A high-spirited day in a picturesque vineyard or a romantic wine bar where a sommelier teaches your group a thing or two about wines. It’s a cozy theme that invites conversations and is perfect for a small group of close friends. The best part? Everyone goes home feeling festive and a little more cultured!

Face painting

Who’ll love it best: The bride who’s very creative

What’s in it for everyone: Lots of fun being painted as an exotic animals, Disney characters or comic book super heroes and princesses!

Spa date

Who’ll love it best: The bride who cares for wellness – and a little pampering

What’s in it for everyone:

Nothing spells bonding time better than a day of pampering complete with saunas, massages, mani-pedis, magazines and lovely tea breaks.

This hen’s party promises to make you feel good and carry that post-spa glow through to your big day!

hens party ideas

The ultimate ladies’ movie night

Who’ll love it best: The film geek bride-to-be

What’s in it for everyone: A cozy evening in front of the big screen (either at home or at a cinema) with all your favorite movie accouterments: popcorn, hotdogs, nachos…

You can start the movie list with the bride’s all-time favorite movie. Then you can move on to chick flicks galore! We’re talking Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and Bridget Jones’s Diary…

If your budget stretches that far, you could even hire out a cinema for the evening.

Action-packed activites

Who’ll love it best: The bride who loves being outdoors and doesn’t mind getting a little dirt under her nails!

What’s in it for everyone: A fun afternoon of outdoor adventure with off road buggies, hovercrafts, off-road karts, quad bikes or 4x4s, mini-golf and even paintball!

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