Guide to planning a stag party

Pranks and practical jokes might be the best bits of a stag party but it also takes quite a lot of planning to arrange a truly memorable event.  Here are some frequently asked questions about planning a stag party.

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What kind of things can we do at a stag party?

Some people think that all you require for an awesome stag party is beer, mates (to drink the beer), and food (to soak up the beer) and to a certain extent that’s true! These days, however, many grooms are opting for Stag parties that involve some kind of activity, such as paint balling, golf, fishing, or quad biking.

Whether your stag party is just lasting one day or taking over the whole weekend, the best combination is usually a macho activity, followed by a night out or maybe a barbeque. Keep sober and enjoy the activity; the evening is the ideal time for drinking games, strippers, and practical jokes involving the stag.

Is it a good idea to hire a stripper?

The best man is in a good position to know how the stag would feel about seeing a stripper. If you’ve been to stag parties together before and seen strippers how did he react? Hiring a stripper can be an innocent and fun part of a stag party if it’s organised well, but if the future bride has threatened to call off the wedding if there are naked women at the party you should take note.

If you do decide to go ahead and hire a stripper for the stag party, here are a few bits of advice to make sure it doesn’t go wrong:

  • Check what you’re getting
    Call various agencies to compare prices and services and be clear about what you expect. Should the stripper be in fancy dress or dressed up? How many strippers are required? Should she involve the stag in her act or not approach him?
  • Ban all cameras
    It might be a surprise for the stag, but tell the rest of the group there will be stripper, and ask them not to take pictures. Most agencies don’t allow pictures anyway, and you definitely don’t want compromising shots making an appearance on Facebook.
  • Get the timing right
    The stag party needs to be going strong before the stripper arrives; sober guys watching a girl strip outdoors in broad daylight can be just plain embarrassing. On the other hand a stripper arriving when the stag is totally hammered could end badly. Get the drinking games going before she arrives, without getting the groom too drunk, and make sure you are inside in a room with dimmed lighting.

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When is a good time to hold the stag party?

If the stag party is a surprise for the groom you can have it up to four months before the wedding when he won’t be expecting it at all. If it’s not a surprise, planning the stag party a week or two before the big day will probably be ideal for the stag because it will provide a get out from some of the last minute wedding chaos. It will also mean the party is still vivid in guests’ minds on the wedding day. If the boys aren’t available just before the wedding, you can plan it for a month or even two months before.

If the stag’s friends are spread across the world but will all be flying in for the wedding, try to organise a stag party two nights before the big day. This will give a whole day for recovery, but make sure no one shaves the groom’s eyebrows off once he’s unconscious.

Unfortunately the tradition of holding the stag party the night before the big day has been prohibited by worried brides who seem to think it’s important that the groom can actually stand up at the altar.

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