Engagement ring tips for men planning to propose

Gentlemen – do not lose sleep over buying your partner’s wedding ring, while it may seem daunting it really doesn’t have to be. Follow these engagement ring tips for men to ensure that you select the one she really wants.

engagement ring

Finding the right size

Do your best to purchase your fiancée’s ring in the correct size. While rings can always be altered, you can easily ensure you get the right measurement by making an imprint of one of her existing rings in a piece of plasticine or by curling up a strip of paper to the same size.

Think about her lifestyle

Always consider her lifestyle when selecting the ring. Maybe she’s very sporty and always at the gym? Does her job involve manual labour, or interacting physically with people? In these cases, a diamond with a high setting may not be practical, and you should instead opt for a more practical channel set ring.

Assess her style

Your fiancée’s ring should reflect her personality and should complement her wardrobe perfectly. Consider the type of clothes she wears – is she ultra-modern and a fan of the latest high street trends. Does she favour tailored classic pieces and wear them with a few contemporary accessories? Is she more of a vintage shopaholic? Finding a ring that reflects these values is half the battle.

engagement ring Look at existing jewellery

Go and get a sneak peek of her jewellery box to see the type of jewellery she usually wears. Check out both the colour and the metal. Most women would have a preference for gold or silver and very few interchange between the two. Should she be one of these few, maybe consider a two tone ring to cover both bases.

How colourful is she?

You must really consider your girlfriend’s views on colour when shopping around for her perfect ring. If she tends to dye her hair vibrant colours or decorate your house rainbow hues, maybe you may want to select a coloured stone instead of a white diamond. Birthstones can be a personal touch, while coloured diamonds are on trend, if a bit expensive. If you’re worried about such a colour clashing with your fiancée’s wardrobe, be guided by the colour of her eyes. If your lady prefers understated neutral tones, your best bet might be the classic white diamond.

Does she want you to choose?

The final and most important tip on choosing an engagement ring is finding out whether she actually wants you to. Perhaps she would much rather pick the ring herself, or maybe she dreams of the two of you designing a bespoke ring together. Wait for a proposal scene in a soppy movie to casually broach the subject and see what her reaction is. If you’re not sure about buying the ring maybe you could invest in an inexpensive temporary ring and hunt for the perfect style together once she’s said yes.

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