Diamond engagement rings – a timeless choice

Diamond engagement rings are a classic choice, and are still considered to be one of the most stylish options for a romantic proposal. Make sure you keep our tips in mind when you go shopping to make sure you receive the best possible diamond you can afford.

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How a diamond is cut is the difference between a ‘nice’ ring and one that makes you say, ‘Wow’. A perfectly proportioned diamond will always outshine one that is cut and finished to an inferior standard even if that diamond is slightly higher on the grading scale of colour and clarity. Don’t make the mistake of shelling out for a ring that lacks the radiance of a perfectly cut diamond.

Some perfectly proportioned diamonds seem larger than their more expensive counterparts because a diamond’s weight isn’t necessarily represented by its size. A 1.00ct perfectly cut diamond will measure 6.5mm in diameter, while one of the same weight cut in a mass produced environment will probably be much deeper and appear smaller.  Alternatively, a mass produced diamond may look bigger than the expected 6.5mm but will look lifeless and ‘window-like’ as it will lack the brilliance of a well cut gem.

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You can ensure that your diamond has been graded accurately by purchasing one that has a laser inscribed number from the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) or HRD (the equivalent European Laboratory based in Antwerp, Belgium) on the girdle.  These independent diamond grading laboratories are internationally recognised for their professional assessment of diamonds and keep certificates for every diamond they identify and evaluate, which are linked to the unique identifying number.

Article provided by Deborah Windfield Jewellery and edited for publication by Easy Weddings UK.

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