How to create a fairytale wedding

There are a number of different elements considered ‘fairytale’ that can be incorporated into your seemingly ‘normal’ wedding. This doesn’t necessarily mean your entire wedding is fairytale themed, but skews that way slightly, depending on how many of these fairytale elements you include.

Incorporate the following elements into your wedding for that extra magical edge fairytale weddings often possess.

The dress

The dress is probably the most obvious element of the quintessential fairytale wedding. What’s a fairytale wedding without a princess dress? Cinderella wore one when she met her Prince Charming – so why can’t you wear one when you marry yours?

The horse and carriage

Princesses (that’s what you are) deserve to arrive to the ball (your wedding) in style! This means a two-horse drawn carriage for extra magic. Just remember – you must return before midnight or the carriage and its horses will revert to their original form: a pumpkin and a pair of mice!

OR alternatively…

Horses or majestic animals (in general)

Literally any inclusion of an animal other than the usual domestic pet, can turn a ‘normal wedding’ into a glittering ball of fairytale goodness.

The loyal followers

I don’t know what it is, but fairytale weddings always seem to have a large amount of bridesmaids. Some may assume this is because the bride needs that many attendants to make sure she’s always looking on point – but we just think it’s because it looks good, and she has a lot of followers – ahem… friends.


While we can’t exactly recreate the cute talking animals that usually follow Disney princesses around, you can replicate this through multiple flower girls and page boys! Give them some bubbles and you’ve got a magical element with little to no effort!

The castle

I’m not entirely sure it’s possible to simply acquire a castle, but quintessential fairytale weddings always include one. If you can’t quite get your hands on a castle, a great venue will do – I suppose.

The dove release

What’s more ‘extra’ than a dove release? Show you’re really something special by granting freedom (temporary freedom – doves usually fly back to where they were hired from) to a white bird!

All jokes aside, dove releases are a tradition that symbolises true love. What’s not to love about that?

The tiara or crown

This is probably the most important element of a fairytale wedding. Something bedazzled must be placed in your hair, whether it’s a tiara, a crown, or simply a cathedral-length veil that trails for metres behind you.

“So this is love. So this is what make life divine.” – Cinderella

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