How to choose your wedding aisle song

Traditional bridal marches no longer rule the aisle as more and more couples opt a for a song that reflects personality over formality. If you’re a bride looking to get personal with her processional music then finding the right song to make an entrance to can be a tough choice. Here’s how to choose the perfect wedding aisle song.

Stick to what you love

It’s all too easy to get swept up in a wedding mind-set which dictates just what types of songs you should and shouldn’t have at your wedding. Try to put expectations and rules aside, and simply concentrate on the music you and your husband-to-be love.

Which music do you dance to in the kitchen when no one’s watching, or which song do you turn up when it comes on the car radio? Make a list of songs you love and stick it up on the fridge or somewhere you can both easily add to it. After a few weeks, you will have a heap of song choices that really mean something to you.

Consider instrumental

This can work well if you love heavy rock, bright pop or rap, essentially anything that doesn’t feel wedding appropriate as it stands. Instrumental or even acoustic versions of the songs you love can lend just the right amount of ambience to make an otherwise unsuitable track perfect for the aisle. A quick search online normally yields hundreds of instrumental or acoustic covers for popular songs. This is also a wonderful way to utilise live musicians in your ceremony.

Talk to your venue

If you are having a religious or civil ceremony, there may be restrictions on your processional music. Before you decide on a song you love only to have it rejected, find out just what parameters you have to work within. Acoustic versions of otherwise restricted songs can provide the loophole you need to get your favourite song on the playlist.

Think about how you want to feel

This is an important consideration that it’s easy to forget. How do you want to feel on your wedding day as you walk down the aisle? Uplifted and happy? Thoughtful and emotional? By working out what you want to achieve before you sit down and make your song choice, you’ll save yourself lots of time and energy. Simply strip out any options that don’t fit your mood and simplify the task.

Edit to perfection

When you find a song, you should ensure you use the part of that song that matters most to you. Ask your DJ to cut and fade your song as appropriate or use online editing software and create exactly the right moment to accompany your walk down the aisle.

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