12 amazing honeymoon locations depending on your wedding month

For lovers of travel, it can be hard to decide where to go for your honeymoon. An easy way to help you decide is to know when your potential honeymoon destinations are at their best. If you need a bit of help, here’s our handy list of 12 honeymoon destinations and which month they’re at their most perfect. So whatever month you’re marrying in, you’ll be sure to find a honeymoon destination to suit your wanderlusting needs.

January: Soak up some sun in Thailand

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For those marrying in the UK in January, we’re all well aware of how dreary this month can be. So, after you’ve said ‘I do’, head to the other side of the world for a sun-filled holiday in beautiful Thailand. You can explore the beaches, swim until your heart’s content and party your nights away in lively Bangkok. Thailand is the perfect beautiful and warm escape from UK’s winter.

February: Head to Venice for Carnival time

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Venice at any time of the year is super romantic. The gondolas, the big bowls of pasta and the beautiful views make it a constant wonderland. Overall, Venice isn’t hugely popular in February because it’s obviously wintertime there. However, what it lacks in warm days it makes up for with the fun and festive carnival period. Think fancy balls and parties, elaborate dinners, mask making workshops, wine tasting and crazy costumes. You’ll have the most fun and unique experience ever for your honeymoon. Plus, there’s obviously lots of pizza and gelato, so why wouldn’t you go?

March: Embrace Vietnam’s perfect weather

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Vietnam is known for many things: its amazing food and incredible landscapes, plus its humid weather. If you’ve always wanted to head there, then just after your March wedding is the perfect time to visit. During this time, the humidity tends to drop off and the weather is mostly clear and beautiful. This makes for perfect exploring weather where you can do anything from trekking the mountains to beach lounging and everything in between.

April: Head to Japan for cherry blossom season

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Japan is known for its abundance of beautiful cherry blossoms. You’ll find that in April, these wonderful trees will be in their peak blooming season making for a very picturesque honeymoon for you. The cherry blossoms in Tokyo and Nagoya will be at their best in early April, Fukushima in the middle of the month, and Sapporo at the end. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes as you eat far too much delicious ramen and sushi.

May: California dreamin’

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California is known for its great weather. Places like San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles have reputations for minimal rain, lots of sunshine and consistent warm temperatures. May is right before peak season in California so you’ll be able to relax on the beach, hike in the hills, drink fabulous wine and even visit Disneyland without too many tourists around.

June: Get wet in Tahiti

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June is right in the middle of the dry season in Tahiti, where you’ll be treated to warm sunny days averaging around 27 degrees. Tahiti is perfect for water adventures like swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving and boating. Or you can just sit back and enjoy the water from afar as you read on the beach while sipping cocktails.

July: Enjoy the city hustle and bustle of Singapore

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If tradition, blended with contemporary is what you seek from a honeymoon destination, then you’re in luck if you head to Singapore. During July, you’ll see the temperature sit at 27 degrees. Singapore is known for its sudden bursts of heavy rain but they clear quickly and then you’ll be treated to bright blue, sunshine-filled skies. Enjoy amazing modern hotels, delectable cuisine and fab shopping in Singapore.

August: Safari life

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August is a great time to go on safari, which is just the kind of life-changing experience that is perfect for a honeymoon. Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Zanzibar are all wonderful places to see where you can indulge in a luxurious safari holiday.

September: Have an exotic honeymoon only a few hours away in Greece

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Greece is a country that is beautiful all year round. However, as it does get pretty touristy in summer, visiting in September is ideal. The sea is still warm from the summer weather, everything is still open and happening and you’ll be able to admire those perfect sunsets and sunrises whether you’re on Crete, Mykonos or Santorini.

October: Your own private paradise in the Seychelles

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Head to the Seychelles in October for a beautifully romantic tropical honeymoon. Here you’ll find everything a honeymoon should have from stunning resorts, palm trees, utter relaxation and giant tortoises (an obvious honeymoon essential). The Seychelles are private and serene. Come here to completely unwind.

November: Go down under to ‘The Shire’ or to Oz

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The southern hemisphere is seriously delightful in November. So if you’ve always planned on visiting New Zealand or Australia, then heading there at this time of year is a great choice. The summer weather is just starting to kick in, in both NZ and Oz in November so you’ll be treated to a lot of sunshine and some amazing sites in both places. Head to Tasmania in Australia to taste some of the best wines and cheeses ever, or to the Coffs Coast in NSW for some beautiful white sand beaches. NZ has everything from glaciers and volcanos to bungy jumping and Tolkien adventures.

December: Embrace the magic and head to a winter wonderland

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Everyone knows how magical Christmas is, so if you’re marrying at this time, then you have to head somewhere that’s famous for its magical Christmastime quality. Out favourites would have to be New York, London, Edinburgh, Bruges, Berlin and Prague. All of these places have lovely Christmas events and markets, plus the cities just light up at Christmas. Go immerse yourselves in a winter wonderland for your honeymoon.

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