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What to write in a wedding card to a couple

Got a few weddings coming up and stuck on what to say in all of those wedding cards? Here are some tips on what to NOT write on the card, and of course, what to write in a wedding card to a... Read more

5 steps for handling guests who don’t RSVP

Remember back in primary school when you'd send out a note to the person you had a crush on? It would read something like "Do you like me?" with some boxes, yes, no, and if you wanted a chance of a... Read more

How to transport your wedding guests from ceremony to reception

You might be taking a Hot Rod from your ceremony to your reception, but have you given a thought to how your guests are getting to your venue? Here are some helpful ideas about how to get your... Read more

How to spruce up your intimate wedding

Although the definition of what constitutes a intimate wedding is up for debate, what is certain is that having a more private affair opens up a world of opportunities that simply aren't possible... Read more

Including pets in your wedding day

We're sure that your pet is awesome. From dogs and cats to more unusual feathered and scaly critters, we all love our pets! It makes sense, then, to give your four-legged friend a role in your... Read more

What wedding guests secretly want from you

Let us share a little secret with you. Some of the things that you agonise over - like the nail-bitingly frustrating reception seating plan - aren't entirely necessary. For example, guests would... Read more

Is it ok for a wedding guest to wear white?

Every so often, in dark corners of wedding forums and in whispers at hen parties, this long-asked question pops up. Perhaps right now is a good time to ask it, after all, in a time of non-traditional... Read more

A guide to wedding guest etiquette

Wedding guest etiquette can be difficult to get a grip on. A mixture of old traditions, new ideas, and the individual beliefs can make for a shifting etiquette landscape that changes from wedding to... Read more

6 unusual drinks reception ideas

A vital consideration for your wedding is working out how to keep your guests happy and satisfied during the connecting parts of your day, those interim periods of socialising and waiting between the... Read more

10 ways to surprise your guests on your wedding day

Our guests are a central part of our wedding day. More than just witnesses to our special moment, they are an important part of what makes that moment special. You need to ensure your guests are... Read more

Ways to save as a wedding guest

As a general rule, attending weddings isn't cheap. If you are a guest, you could be up for flights, car hire and accommodation if you have to travel for the occasion. Even if you are a local, you... Read more

How to make sure your wedding isn’t boring

The thought of being in a room full of people sitting quietly... Read more

10 ways to keep your wedding guests happy

When planning a wedding, it is easy to get swept up in making sure everything is perfect for the couple tying... Read more

10 things guests hate about weddings

Yes, your wedding is about you, but it's also about your guests - and their mood and happiness on your big day can affect your happiness, too. If they're unhappy, it can put a real dampener on... Read more

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