When love is a world away: Elli and Terry marry at German castle wedding

Wedding: 28/07/2018

Posted by lucy | 18 April, 2019

“My mum always said: The perfect man for you lives on the other side of the world and that is actually where I found him.”

German-born Elli Lang met the man of her dreams while holidaying in Australia. They returned to her home country to marry at their German castle wedding on July 28, 2018. “I need my alone time … he is perfect because he respects that and understands it, that I like time by myself and doesn’t feel offended or not loved,” the bride says of her mum’s comment.

In fact it’s what Elli says is key to keeping a relationship moving forward. “Still have a life of your own. Your own friends, your own hobbies, alone time, feel happy for your partner not envious,” she smiles.

The couple, who plan to move to Germany shortly, married in front of 65 loved ones, including their toddler daughter. Terry never actually proposed to Elli, her instead taking the reins with her dad! “I actually decided it would be about time to finally tie the knot,” she recalls. “He kind of agreed and when my dad booked the castle a few days later he couldn’t get out of it,” she laughs.

Photos courtesy of YTZ Weddings and Adorn Invitations.

“Life with him is never boring,” Elli says of Terry.

“I did my makeup myself that day as I don’t like a thick layer of makeup and German weddings start quite early and end quite late so I didn’t want so sweat too much underneath,” says the bride.

“I actually wanted a boho dress, but ended up with a more glamorous one as my dad booked a castle for the wedding and I didn’t want to look as if I was working there,” explains Elli.

“Special thanks to my dad who was and always is extremely generous and paid most of the costs and didn’t even give us a chance to not let him and to my mum and sister who spent most of their time looking after our little one,” praises the bride.

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Photos courtesy of YTZ Weddings