How to sell to millennial’s via email or text

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Updated on: March 24, 2022

You may have noticed that some millennials are partial to ignoring phone calls or giving out fake numbers. The reason for this is, after so much time spent on social media and texting, a lot of us don’t actually use our phones as a phone anymore, and feel uncomfortable faced with a call from a number we don’t recognise. To combat this, here are some best practices on selling to millennials via email or text that can help you to convert your enquiries into sales for your small business.

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KISS (keep it simple, stupid)

Write brief and simple emails, and get to the point ASAP. It should be understandable for anyone/everyone. Don’t use big words or complex messaging. Don’t avoid the point. Just tell them what you need to tell them.

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Personalise it

Don’t send generic emails of a long explanation about how you got into the wedding industry or your story about your wedding day 30 years ago. Talk about them and how you can help them. This email is essentially a cover letter for you but should be shorter.

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Keep your subject line short and sweet

Don’t write long subjects for your emails as most people open their emails on their phone. Ideally, keep it to 5 or so words. Even RE: Wedding enquiry or RE: I have your date available! or something simple like that can be really effective.

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If they don’t reply, they like someone else more or you were too slow

Unfortunately, millennials aren’t that good at saying no and simply don’t want to deal with rejecting you, so they may just “ghost” you and never respond instead. This is simply because they think that you think like they do and will get it without them having to say no. Usually, they choose suppliers based on how quickly you got back to them.

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Get it right the first time

Couples want their day to be perfect, and there’s a good chance they will judge you if you make a typo or spell their name wrong. Double check these details and use Grammarly or another spell check program to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.

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Avoid OTT fonts or formatting

You will look dated and completely out of touch if you use coloured fonts, strange formatting and other styling elements, especially all at once. Avoid this and keep it simple, clean and chic.


Use emojis minimally

The user wants to know that you get them and that you have a personality, which can be hard to communicate through words on a screen. But… don’t overdo it! Use one or two per email, not one every single line for the most impact.

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