Five steps to avoiding a cheesy sales pitch

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Updated on: March 24, 2022

Wondering why your amazing sales pitch isn’t working on couples as much anymore? In order to optimise your conversion rate, you may need to evaluate your sales pitch every now and again!

So. Why do you need to update your sales pitch? Because you are talking to millennials here! They hate the used car sales approach. They want to buy from people they can relate to. People they like! They are not going to buy into your cheesy, scripted lines. We want to help you to be more likable, more relatable and more sellable to millennials. Here our top five tips for avoiding a cheesy sales pitch:

Five steps to avoiding a cheesy sales pitch

1. Listen

There is a reason this is number 1! It’s easily the most important skill of any sales person, let alone someone selling to millennials. A personal example of this is when I was buying a laptop with my wife last week. When we went into the store, a sales guy approached us and talked and talked about how customer focused he was, how he puts customers first and how much his customers love him…. but he didn’t give us a chance to speak or tell him what we wanted. We were there to buy, but he lost the sale.We actually ended up walking out and buying a laptop from another retailer that very same day. His lack of listening skills lost him the sale.

2. Engagement is key

Like the laptop guy, he lost us because all he wanted to do was talk at us! Millennials don’t want to be talked at. Millennials want a back and forth chat where both parties get to contribute. How can you get them talking? Ask questions! Use open questions that begin with prompts like “how” and “why”.

3. Lose the scripted lines

Look, I get it. We all have lines that are transferable to different couples. But you need to make them sound more genuine. Just as templated emails need to be personalised for each prospective client, your trusted lines need to be personalised too!

4. Have a normal conversation

Not a salesy pitch. Use normal language instead of putting on a sales voice. How do you achieve this? Easy! How do you talk to friends and family? A quality sales conversation with a millennial needs to have the same trustworthy, relatable tone.

5. Listen

You get my point! Really listen to them and paraphrase what they are saying. And even better- give examples of ways you’ve done things similar to what they’re asking for. Too many people think telling is selling. It’s not! Your couples should do two-thirds of the talking in your phone calls or face to face meetings.

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