3 Facebook pages features you may be overlooking and how to use them

Easy Weddings
Updated on: March 24, 2022

Looking to increase the variety of your Facebook content? Here are three underutilised Facebook features you can use to unleash your creativity and delight your audience.

Create Polls

You can create simple, two option polls directly on your Facebook page. You may not see this option if, like us, it’s displayed under the “view more” button. The issue with these polls is, there isn’t a lot of options for customization, and honestly, the offering is better in FB groups, but it’s something that is vastly underutilised as it can be used to get to know things about your audience. If you need help coming up with poll ideas, consider hot topics in the industry like news, and wedding trends. For example, “Do you like the donut wall trend?” is a simple idea but allows you to learn more about your audience while still driving engagement.

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Using drafts to save post ideas

We do this here at Easy Weddings. If I begin a post and don’t have anywhere to slot it in yet, I’ll save it as a draft and schedule it later down the track. It’s a great way of having your ideas in one spot. I also do this with WordPress as well for blog ideas.


Get FB messages

You can create posts on your FB page with the main purpose of driving people to message your page. The issue here is, you have to make sure you will be available to answer these messages, but get the Pages app on your phone to ensure you are able to reply quickly and


Facebook pages features

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