15 fun ways to tell the world you’re engaged

15 ways to announce-your engagement

The big question has been popped, you’ve got a sparkly new rock on your finger and now it’s time to tell the world. Here are 15 ways to do it that range from traditional to seriously social and modern:

Go with tradition

Take a traditional couple’s engagement photo. Over the years, you’ve probably seen people announce their big news this way and all it takes is snapping a great shot of you and your new fiance and sending it out on social media – or having it printed and send by snail mail. If you want truly memorable shots, rather than a happy snap taken on your phone, hire a professional wedding photographer who can put togther an engagement shoot that reflects who you both are.

Get a shot of the rock

Another popular way to announce your engagement is to take a simple shot of both your hands with the ring in focus like the image above or to shoot a close-up photo of the ring, with you and your fiance out of focus and in the background.

Show off your love

If you and your new fiance have been writing one another love letters (or, should that be emails and texts), grab them (or printouts and screenshots), read them out aloud to each other and snap pictures of your new fiance’s reaction as you do it.

Surprise engagement

Sneak attack

This one has to be planned ahead of time, so gents (and ladies), before you propose, organise for a friend or, better yet, a professional photographer to be nearby to capture the first reaction shot as she says yes.

Surprise (cocktail) party

Plan a happy hour get together with all of your friends and, once everyone arrives, announce the news in person. Getting to see all of their faces will be priceless.

awesome engagement photos

Image: Pinterest

Be crazy creative

Whether you search for ideas on Pinterest, or you’re an uber creative couple that loves to try new things when it comes to designs and colours, do your thing, whatever that may be, snap a photo and share away. The photo above may be a little too risque for some couples, but it’s about creating something fun that reflects your relationship.

Or, go for a little pun-tastic fun

One of the few times in life you’ll get away with being seriously corny is when you’re engaged. Consider creating a great pun surrounding your announcement. So, for example, if you get engaged in Autumn, find yourself an apple tree and hold up a hand-written sign that says, “I pick you!” #CornyButCute

Engagement ring beach proposal

Add some sand

If you live near the beach or are taking a trip together where there’ll be sand, make your announcement there. Create the words “I said yes!” out of sand or bits and pieces you find on the shore, such as shells and driftwood.

Create a heart-felt message

Whether you use overlapped thumb prints or hands to create a heart, your love will shine through as will your message if you include the ring in your picture or words such as ‘we’re engaged!’

Grab a coffee – or champagne!

Grab your coffee mugs or champagne flutes and adorn them with the words Mr. and Mrs. That’ll send a signal to anyone seeing it… loud and clear!

Get your Photoshop skills on

If you’re handy with Adobe’s image manipulation software, do something fun such as creating an iconic movie poster that stars you and your new fiance’s images. If that’s a little too complicated, something like the image above, which is fun, but relatively simple will do just as well.

Shoot a video

Even if it’s just a quick 15-second Instagram video or something fun on SnapChat, create a video announcement. For friends and family who may not see the video on Insta or SnapChat, you can always download it and put it up on a wedding website or just email them the video directly.

Love engagement ring photo

Grabsomethingblueandsayido via Tumblr

‘I do’ (love engagement ring shoots)

These simple, wooden tiles create such a beautiful dichotomy from your gorgeous, sparkly ring. Whatever message you wish to spell out, make sure it include one “O” and replace that with the ring. ‘I do’ works, too.

Paint the town red (or whatever colour you like)

Grab some chalk and fill the ground with colorful messages of love and endearments. Stand behind your drawing and have a friend capture the image. If you don’t want to be quite so forthright in your declarations of love, you could go with the old he-asked-and-she-said-yes wording.

Announce it in the newspaper

Other than telling friends and family in person, another very traditional means of announcing the news is in the local newspaper. Many people, including Sherlock Holmes star Benedict Cumberbatch, still adhere to this tradition and, frankly, it’s really lovely!

Still looking for inspiration? Here are 15 even more fun ways to announce your engagement.

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