Trend forecast: industrial weddings

Image: Jeremy Harwell

Image: Jeremy Harwell

Industrial styling has been popular within design circles for many years now, however, this trend has filtered into the wedding realm – and the result is an unexpectedly potent concoction of raw textures and contemporary elements.

OK, so what is industrial design?

Industrial design is not a concept typically associated with weddings, however, the trend of hosting ceremonies in industrial spaces and incorporating raw textures such as rusted metal, timber and concrete into wedding styling is becoming an increasingly popular aesthetic with contemporary brides.

The term industrial is characterized by references to manufacturing, factories and similar blue collar working environment. However, in recent years, the term has been applied to styling and design concepts and trends have spearheaded the industrial aesthetic becoming not just accepted, but in demand, in the wedding venue space.

And, what happens when industrial design meets weddings?

Think crystal chandeliers hung against crumbling exposed brick walls; imagine walking down the aisle on highly polished concrete and kissing your beloved beneath exposed beams dripping with lush green foliage.

It’s all about the delicate feel of a traditional wedding pitted against the seemingly harsh, utilitarian styling of the industrial world, it’s practical and sharp meeting soft, flowing and delicate – and it works marvellously.

Image: CLY Creation

Industrial styling ideas

Raw industrial spaces have an energy about them that beckons creative embellishment. There is opportunity in the drama of vast spaces and there is beauty in unexpected elements such as crystal ornaments, chandeliers and beautiful decorative objects occupying a utilitarian environment.

Adding criss-crossing strings of dimly lit fairy lights around scaffolding is an example of a clever way to add pretty elements to dilute the industrial theme and make an industrial environment applicable to a wedding context.

Image: Don't Tell Charles

Image: Don’t Tell Charles

Mixing raw textures with contemporary elements provides a look that lacks pretension, and can be an affordable option for some brides who can find new purpose in salvaged objects and typically unused spaces.

Using utilitarian objects such as mason jars as glasses, rusted mirrors, or fraying ropes tethered to light fixtures can really add to the aesthetic of industrial wedding spaces. However the best part is that industrial spaces are easy to decorate and do not require an excess of flowers or styling elements to set the scene.

Styling an industrial space for your wedding can be as complex or as simple as you wish, as some brides may opt to play on the juxtaposition of glamorous elements occupying a warehouse environment, whereas others may seek out styling elements which enhance the industrial theme.

Either way, no two industrial weddings look exactly the same, as the look of an industrial wedding is as unique as the couple who host it!

Image: Angelica Glass Photography

Image: Angelica Glass Photography

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