Three great reasons to choose a live wedding band

There’s nothing better than a live wedding band to add energy and atmosphere to your wedding reception. If you’re planning your wedding music and can’t decide between a wedding band and a wedding DJ, here are three great reasons to choose a live band.

live band

It adds excitement and atmosphere

The dynamism and atmosphere that a live wedding band can bring is the most obvious reason to hire one for your wedding reception, especially if you want to get your guests up and dancing. If you are planning a themed wedding, finding a band that showcases that theme and makes it come to life can give the whole day more focus. There aren’t many things that can get the heart racing and the blood pumping quite like live music can, and a live band will always be more exhilarating than pre-recorded music.

You can build your schedule around it

The second benefit to hiring a wedding band is that it can make it easier to have a structure for the reception. Once a DJ begins to play, the music generally lasts to the end of the night with breaks hidden by a compilation CD, but the boundaries of your band’s sets will be much more apparent. You could plan to have the first set followed by the cake cutting ceremony, the second set proceeded by the bouquet toss, and then a third and final set that ends with your grand exit.

live band

It adds visual impact

The final benefit to hiring a wedding band is the visual effect it will have on your special day. It will provide your guests with something to look at and will create a focal point for your reception. Most bands dress up and put on a fantastic show on top of performing the actual music. If you’d like them to dress up in something specific that fits with your theme you can always check with them. A DJ may come with a light show, but that doesn’t often compare to seeing musicians perform in front of your eyes.

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