The latest wedding flower trends

From the bouquet to the table centres, your wedding flowers are your chance to express your sense of style, so you should spend some time deciding on the overall look you want. Generally wedding flowers are becoming less formal and more original, so here are some of the latest wedding flower trends to give you inspiration.

wedding flowers

Trend 1: Bold colours

Strong, bold colours are taking the place of neutral creams and pinks, and orange, yellow and red wedding blooms are particularly effective in adding warmth to any space. For a chic and stylish event, black and white arrangements are eye catching and sophisticated. For brides wanting natural coloured flowers, earthy tones, yellow petals and green foliage are fashionable at the moment.

Trend 2: Clear sight lines

Oversized centrepieces are fashionable, but they can block the view of guests, or make it impossible for them talk to each other across the table, and sight lines are commonly talked about by florists in relation to table centrepieces. New ways to avoid this problem are continually being thought up, but tall displays in slim line vases such as big martini glasses, and blooms in clear containers, and displays suspended from the ceiling are all popular options.

Trend 3: Symbolic wedding flowers

Roses are the ultimate wedding flower symbolising love, joy and beauty, but more modern blooms such as calla lilies which symbolise magnificent beauty, and orchids that signify love, are also becoming more popular as wedding flowers. Larkspur and lavender are best stayed away from, as they symbolise infidelity and distrust respectively. Meaningful flowers are a beautiful way to personalise your wedding, and couples are looking for flowers that have a special significance to them, in addition to simply being beautiful to look at.

Trend 4: Unique flower arrangements

Rather than having identical table centres, many couples are choosing to have different arrangements on each table. The key to this is keeping the arrangements themselves simple and just changing one element to achieve a unified effect without each table being identical. Try using the same blooms in a different colour, different flowers of the same colour, or the same flowers but unique containers for each table.

wedding flowers

Trend 5: Quirky shapes

Rather than neat compact arrangements, florists are opting for natural centrepieces that flow across the table, or pairing simple vases of different heights to add interest, and unusual shapes are a main feature of contemporary wedding flowers. Florists are looking at the venue as a whole, instead of just focusing on individual tables, and trying to create displays that direct the eye around the entire room. Presenting single stems along the length of the table creates a dramatic effect as long as they are not spaced too far away from each other.

Trend 6: Adding light

Candles have always been favourite wedding decorations, but quite a number of florists are now suspending candles from tall floral arrangements, wiring votive candles into table centres, or floating candles in specially designed vases. You can also include crystals in your arrangements and wedding bouquet to reflect the light and make it glitter. Adding light to floral arrangements gives them romantic appeal and extra depth.

Trend 7: Non floral accessories

Antique or costume jewellery can also look amazing when combined with blooms, and some brides are using family heirlooms in their bouquets as their ‘something old.’ You can include anything from feathers and butterflies to herbs and berries into your flower arrangements, to fit the theme of your wedding. Non floral accessories are providing texture and originality to contemporary flower displays.

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