The importance of wedding photography and videography

Your wedding will be the one day you want to talk about and reminiscence on for years to come. This is why your wedding photography and videography are a crucial part of your wedding planning. They will ensure you are able to share your special day with future children and grandchildren and therefore, you want your wedding album and video to be the best possible.

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Wedding photography

Select your photographer carefully. You have to pick a professional photographer with a good reputation. Discuss with family and friends to get recommendations.

In selecting your photographer, have a look at their portfolio and find out what type of experience they have. When discussing with the photographer show them what you like in their portfolio. They must know what kind of photos you would like. If you pick a large studio with more than one photographer, ensure that the portfolio shows the work of the selected photographer.

Photography will be one of the most crucial components of your wedding, and it is not an area to try and save money. Let your budget be known when you talk to your photographer and ensure your package includes everything you want; proofs, albums, enlargements, duplicates and labour. Also remember to ask for the cost of later reprints. If you wish to have the negatives negotiate this into your package.

After you have talked about the type of pictures you like, your photographer will be able to provide you with an estimate on how long the photography will take.

wedding photography

Wedding videography

Search carefully for a professional videographer and do it at least 6 months before the special day. You need to get someone who can capture the day without intruding on your private moments. A video is the perfect way to relive the day, and hear yourselves recite your vows to each other. Just imagine how excited it will make you to watch the video in 20 or 50 years time.

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