So, what are a Maid of Honour’s duties?

maid of honour Being asked to be a Maid of Honour is very exciting, and your sister or friend is sure to be thrilled, but before making that important decision you should be aware of what you are asking them to do. Here are a few of the duties she might be expected to perform.

Managing the bridesmaids

Your Maid of Honour will be overseeing any other bridesmaids you have, and it is her job to make sure that they arrive at the rehearsal and the wedding itself on time. The Maid of Honour is also responsible for ensuring the bridesmaids attend their dress fittings, and that they all have the appropriate accessories and bouquets. In addition she is expected to arrange the hens party and bridal shower with some help from the other bridesmaids.

Listening to the bride

Wedding planning is an emotional affair and for many brides the slightest glitch can have them in floods of tears, or send them into a fierce rage! By far the most important duty your Maid of Honour will undertake in the countdown to the wedding is to listen to you with patience and understanding.Whether you’re moaning about the florist letting you down, or dithering over which chair sash style to choose, your Maid of Honour should be there to stand by you.

Your Maid of Honour should have the ability to cheer you up or calm you down, and their most valuable asset will be to keep you smiling. Laughter is the perfect remedy for pre-wedding stress. No matter how many times you go over the same subject, she should be there to reassure you that all will be well and to give advice when it is needed.

maid of honour Helping the bride

The Maid of Honour often spends the night before the wedding with the bride and assists her in preparing for the ceremony. She may need to liaise with the hair and make-up artists as well as the bridesmaids, the father of the bride, and the wedding car chauffeur, to ensure everything goes according to plan.

The Maid of Honour will accompany the bride down the aisle and she is responsible for the groom’s ring which she may take from the page boy. She will stand at the altar during the ceremony, usually holding the bridal flowers. She will often sign the wedding register as a witness to the marriage.

During the reception, the Maid of Honour can help by making sure the bride takes time to eat her meal and should keep the bride well-stocked with non-alcoholic drinks. She should also ensure the bride looks immaculate at all times, and should let her know if her make-up gets smudged or her hair gets messy.

Finally, the Maid of Honour should help the bride change out of her wedding dress and may be asked to look after and store the gown until the bride comes back from her honeymoon.

Small outdoor wedding in white and blue theme.

Sounds like a lot of things doesn’t it? That’s why finding the right person is important. But what if you chose two people to be your maid of honour? This article discusses whether its OK to have two Maid of Honours.

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