Should we choose artificial wedding flowers?

Have you considered the benefits of choosing artificial flowers over fresh blooms? Sure, some brides feel that there’s no substitute for natural bouquets but could they be missing out on the practicality of their synthetic counterparts? For those deliberating the pros and cons of modern imitations, here’s everything you need to know!

Artificial wedding flowers

Could my guests spot my artificial flowers?

The answer to this depends where your flower arrangements are going to be placed and whether your guests will be likely to actually touch them. Artificial wedding flowers are now made from various materials that make them look very authentic, but without feeling or smelling like real flowers up close.

It’s unlikely that your guests will realise your bridal bouquet or your floral arrangements at the wedding ceremony aren’t made from real flowers. However, if you choose to use silk flowers as centrepieces for your reception tables the more observant guests will probably notice, and of course they are usually the ones that are most likely to comment.

One of the benefits of artificial flowers is that they will be completely perfect, with none of the natural flaws that you find with fresh flowers. This isn’t necessarily an advantage, however, if you want your guests to think your flowers are real.

Price: The artificial vs. the natural bloom

The difference in price between fresh and silk flowers depends on the quality of the artificial blooms that you choose, and the cost and seasonality of the fresh flowers you have your heart set on. If you’re happy to have flowers that are in season and locally grown, there probably isn’t much difference in price, and if you’re having high quality imitations they may actually be more costly. However, if you’re determined to have unusual or exotic blooms that are out of season, you will save a lot of money by choosing silk flowers.

Flower arrangements and bouquets involve the same amount of work for your florist, whether they are fresh or synthetic, so the cost of labour will be the same. The big difference is that artificial arrangements can be put together well in advance which may make them slightly less expensive.

Artificial wedding bouquet

Practical reasons to pick artificial flowers

There are a number of practical reasons to choose artificial flowers over fresh ones:

  • They are made in advance avoiding last minute stress
  • They are lighter than real flowers making your bouquet easier to carry
  • They won’t wilt in heat and don’t have to be kept in water
  • They’re unscented so you can use other fragrances without clashes
  • You can have any colour you choose with the exact colour guaranteed
  • You can keep them and give them to friends or family

As with every aspect of your wedding, the final decision over the type of flowers you have is yours and yours alone. If you feel your wedding would be missing something without fresh blooms, you should follow your heart, but if you would just like attractive decorations that you can keep to

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