Advice from Real Weddings newlyweds

Did you know Easy Weddings has a section of the site entirely devoted to real newlyweds and their weddings? While submissions grant a chance at winning a second honeymoon, submitting your special day to Real Weddings is also a great way to share your photos and wedding story easily among friends. Plus, Real Weddings is a great source of inspiration for engaged couples planning their wedding. Here’s what 10 Real Weddings newlyweds advise for couples awaiting their own special day.

Natalie and Jim

Natalie advises other couples embarking on the same journey to “Make it about you – it’s impossible to please everyone.”

Sam and Neil

Sam advises other couples to have a little imagination when it comes to wedding planning. “It’s really surprising what you can get for very little money – all you have to do is look!”

Annabel and Simeon

Simeon’s advice for future newlyweds: “Don’t worry about the weather and throw your initial budget out the window. A wet knot doesn’t come untied.”

Lizzie and Pete

Pete advises couples DIYing their wedding decor that it’s never too early – “Start earlier than you’d think necessary!”

Nadine and Phillip

Nadine advises future newlyweds to “Savour every minute and don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Cat and Rob

Cat advises future newlyweds to include a bouncy castle in their wedding plans. “They are a must at all weddings in my opinion!”

Sally and Andy

Sally has simple advice for future newlyweds: “Do it how you want. Enjoy. Don’t stress.”

Jodie and Marc

Jodie’s advice for future couples is not to worry about all the details – “No one will notice if things don’t go exactly as you had planned.”

Kayleigh and Tim

Kayleigh has simple advice for future newlyweds: “Relax, enjoy the day, and take a moment together to take everything in. The day absolutely flies by, so just have fun getting married and being together.”

Laura and Peter

Peter’s advice to future DIY wedding planners is: “Regardless of time and effort spent, it will be worth it.”

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