Popular types of wedding photo album

Your wedding photo album will become a treasured possession that you and your husband will look through time and again, and that your children and even grandchildren will want to see. Make sure you get a wedding photo album that you are happy with by checking out the various styles available.

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Here are some of the common types of wedding photo albums:

Option 1: Flush mount wedding photo albums

Flush mount wedding photo albums have a contemporary feel to them, and work well with the popular photojournalism and Vogue styles of wedding photography. Each page of a flush mount album is a borderless photographic print on rigid board, which can feature a single or multiple images. Flush mount wedding photo albums are considered a more modern choice than matted albums.

There are two distinct styles of flush mount wedding photo albums:

  1. Magazine style wedding photo albums are more likely to have full page pictures, and images overlapping each other with no definite borders.
  2. Coffee table books usually have distinct pictures with printed borders, even though they may overlap each other.

Because the photos come into contact with each other when the book is closed there is a danger of the pages sticking together and becoming damaged. Enquire if your album supplier will include a protective coating to prevent this from happening. You do need to check the quality of your flush mount album, as there are considerable differences between them.

Option 2: Matted wedding photo albums

Matted albums are a good choice for a classic or formal wedding. Each page is made of a stiff cardboard mount that a loose printed photo is inserted into before being glued in place. The mount is slightly raised above the photo so that the photos do not touch when the album is shut.

Matted wedding photo albums are the most traditional and formal style of wedding album. Matted albums are often called reversible albums as they can include either portrait or landscape photos. Each page of a matted album can display a single image or multiple images, each in its own aperture.

Wedding album

Option 3: Parent or gift wedding photo albums

Parent albums are usually around 20cm square, and as the name implies they make a great gift for the parents of the newlyweds. Parent or gift wedding photo albums are scaled down versions of your proper wedding album. They might include identical pictures but just be smaller, or they may just contain a select few images. Gift books are often available in smaller dimensions and make excellent thank you presents for your maid of honour, bridesmaids, or best man.

Consider how you will use your wedding album before you place your order. If you are keen on the idea of possessing a classic timeless album that you can store in safe place and show to your grandchildren; a matted album would be the best option for you. If, on the other hand, you are going to have your album permanently on display in your living room, you should think about choosing a modern flush mounted magazine style album.

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