How to pull off mismatched bridesmaid dresses

The rise of mismatched bridesmaid dresses has bridesmaids across the UK buzzing. They no longer have to live in a world where everyone shares the same dress regardless of shape, skin tone or style preference. They may even be able to choose a dress that they (whisper it) like. For brides, different dresses mean they keep their best women happy, while creating a modern aesthetic that looks amazing. If you’re keen to mismatch but not sure where to start, check out our tips below.

Start with your dress

It’s easy to get swept up in beautiful bridesmaid dresses, and spend a lot of time and money without asking the vital question; how do they relate to my dress? There should be some level of tie in or point of connection that creates a cohesive look for your whole wedding party. If your dress is light and airy, don’t choose heavy satin options for your bridesmaids, and try to select details like lace or beading that you can mirror in a small way in your bridesmaids’ gowns. This way even as they mismatch, all your bridesmaids will reflect your bridal style.

Talk to your bridesmaids

It makes sense to talk to your favourite ladies about what they would love in a dress. Mismatching doesn’t mean you are responsible for creating everyone’s dream dress – but understanding what they feel suits them, what they love, and more importantly what they hate, can help you make sensitive decisions. It can also help you tie in a little of each woman’s unique style into what she wears on your big day.

Use a colour wheel

If you are choosing mismatched dresses that vary in colour, then you need to make sure you create a gorgeous blend rather than a clashing horror story. Shades on opposite sides of the colour wheel pair well – so pale yellow and lavender will look dreamy, whereas purple and red equals a car crash. Remember that not all shades of the same colour are complimentary and some like lime green and forest green will look plain weird.

Keep a common theme

Mismatched dresses must have some common element that indicates your bridesmaids are connected – otherwise they could just look like guests with bouquets. There are any number of imaginative ways to do this: you could go with varying metallic shades, the same dress dyed in different colours, or similar styles that differ in length, neck line or detailing. Pick an angle for your mismatched dresses and work with it.

Use pattern to mix up your mismatching

Pattern is a really clever and pretty way to mismatch your bridesmaids. Pick a beautiful floral or graphic material for a couple of dresses in the party, and then use colours and themes from this pattern to coordinate the rest of your bridesmaid group. Floral is one of the most beautiful and romantic ways of making this work. You could use this option to highlight your chief bridesmaids including maid of honour.

Shop together

To get mismatching right, it helps to see all the dresses you choose together. Round up your girl gang for a wedding shopping trip and try out different gowns to see if they mismatch in just the right way. Buying all your bridesmaids’ dresses from one shop is helpful in finding styles and shades that offer true coordination. This also gives you an opportunity to consider accessories and shoes, which can be key in tying together a mismatched look well.

Throw out the rulebook

Feeling brave? Or just generally relaxed about what your bridesmaids wear? The ultimate mismatch option is to throw out the rule back and have your bridesmaids in amazing dresses with no connection to each other. Bold block colours can make this work and add give the idea extra impact. Think Carrie’s first wedding to Mr Big in Sex in the City and go with dresses that your bridesmaids not only love, but that reflect their personality.

Mismatching seems here to stay with brides leaving behind tradition behind to create their own unique wedding vision. Mismatch at your wedding to create a look you love and bridesmaids who feel individually gorgeous!

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