Key bridesmaid dress trends to embrace

You might be surprised to find that you spend just as much time choosing your bridesmaids dresses as you do your own wedding gown! Depending how many bridesmaids you have it can be tough to keep them all happy. These bridesmaids dress trends will help you create a look that’s stylish and classic at the same time.

Bridesmaid dress trends

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Right now the biggest of the bridesmaid dress trends is not to choose a style at all! To keep their bridesmaids happy and ensure they look their best, savvy brides are selecting a colour and material for their bridesmaids’ frocks, and then letting each bridesmaid create an individual style that suits her body shape and character. The key to achieving this is to set certain guidelines, such as the length of the skirt, but let the bridesmaids choose the neckline or straps, the waist height, and the shape of skirt.

Fashionable bridesmaid skirt styles

Bridesmaids’ dresses have been getting shorter and more provocative, and tea length dresses with net underskirts are a great option. This trend continues, with knee length dresses becoming the norm, and pleats, puff balls, and rara skirts keeping bridesmaids frocks fun. While bridesmaids’ hemlines are generally rising, many designers’ bridesmaid collections feature full length dresses. Strapless, empire line gowns with floor length skirts are an alternative to the flirty styles that are now popular, and these may be the ideal choice for a more formal wedding, particularly one held in the evening.

bridesmaids dress colours

Most popular bridesmaid dress colours

The last couples of years have seen a shift towards bold vivid colours such as Kelly green, hot pink, cobalt blue, and canary yellow. For less daring brides, deeper colours such as chocolate brown, burgundy, navy, and dark grey are also still in vogue.

Gold and silver are also popular, although these are presently being used more for accessories than for the bridesmaids’ dresses themselves. Some brides are settling on a varied colour palette for their wedding theme and are dressing one bridesmaid in each colour, and then providing matching accessories.

Black and white are still fashionable options, and are especially popular with the bridesmaids themselves. These simple timeless colours can be livened up with coloured shoes, flowers, and sashes. While pretty pinks and pastels might still work well for young flower girls, the majority of modern brides are choosing alternative colours for their adult bridesmaids.

New trends in bridesmaid fabric patterns

While most bridesmaid dresses are still one colour, bold patterned frocks are also available. Look for a single coloured fabric with a black, white or metallic pattern over the top, and choose polka dots, stripes, floral prints or geometric designs for really unusual bridesmaids’ dresses.

Popular bridesmaid accessories

There are two distinct roles for bridesmaid accessories: creating the appearance of unity when you maids are dressed differently, or making their outfits unique when they are dressed the same. As well as jewellery, bridesmaids’ accessories can include shoes, handbags, bouquets, fabric corsages, hair adornments, sashes, belts and hemline trims. If you are choosing your bridesmaids’ frocks, letting them choose their own accessories can allow them to personalise their look.

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