Inspiration for your wedding and reception music

Music plays an important role in any wedding day. It sets the atmosphere for both the ceremony and the reception, and particular pieces of music are played to mark key points throughout the day. Here are some ideas on choosing your wedding and reception music.

wedding music

Selecting wedding music is a fine art. There’s the background track for the ceremony, for which you’ll probably choose an organist, a solo musician, or a pre-recorded tune; as well as the two most important pieces, the piece to be played as you make your way down the aisle, and the song during the signing of the registry.  It is always a good idea to select more tracks than you think you’ll need in case things take longer than you expect.

The best musical choices for a wedding reception are either a live wedding band or a DJ, with whom you will discuss in advance what sorts of music you would like to have played. While an experienced DJ or musician will have an in-depth knowledge of suitable wedding music, every couple has different musical tastes, so let them know! Think especially hard about those songs that are special to you two as a couple.

wedding music

There is no denying that the choice of song for the first dance is vital. Should you be struggling for ideas we have put together a list of awesome tunes right here! This music should then complement the second piece that’s played, that is the once that sees your parents and bridal party join you on the dance floor. Also consider whether you are going to have a special song for the cutting of the cake.

Choosing the perfect musical accompaniment will heighten the all-round celebratory feeling of both your day and night. Just make sure, if you have decided on a super sleek band, that you receive a pre-recorded tape of them playing at another event to double-check that their style of music fits the atmosphere of your occasion. Similarly, always make sure that your DJ is willing to make announcements and perform shout-outs and that he is skilled enough to be able to get everyone up and dancing.

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