How to pull off an awesome engagement party

Easy Weddings An engagement party is the first official event that the future bride and groom present themselves to their friends and their family.

Engagement parties come in many forms and are meant to represent what the couple is all about. It’s important to remember that the engagement is first and foremost about you and your partner – no one else. You want your guests to celebrate, but you also want your party to reflect you as a couple. If you’re having fun, your guests will be too!


Choosing a theme or style of décor for your engagement party will help show your guests who you and your fiancé are. Go as subtle or as obvious as you’d like with your theme. Think about the things that have represented your relationship up until this point. Focusing on a special moment such as a holiday, or when you met, is a great place to start.

Think about what makes you unique as a couple or things that you enjoy doing. Your engagement party allows you to bring out the special details of your life. Couples who met at a concert can recreate the moment, or a special vacation in Paris can help determine your venue and infuse your menu. It’s possible to have an awesome theme while still being personal.

Guest list

Folded notebook and pen laid on bridal lace with several silver wedding gifts and fabric rose bouquet, with cup of coffee and biscuits.

Getting engaged is definitely a milestone in life, so it’s only natural to invite your nearest and dearest friends and family to share this moment with you. However, consider the style of your party and what’s most appropriate for your guests. Make sure that everyone who attends is someone who loves, supports, and is happy for you. When drafting your invite list, ask yourself the following questions:

• Will the guest list be primarily family, friends, or a mix of both?
• Are kids allowed?
• Are separated or divorced parents going to pose a problem?

An engagement party is also a great way to invite family and friends that you don’t plan to include at the wedding. Engagement parties are more casual and can include as many people as the bride and groom please. Couples that are aiming for a smaller, intimate wedding can take advantage of this to save costs and plates.


Wedding reception drinks sand canapes

It’s not a party without the food. This is a good opportunity to sample some different types of food in preparation for deciding on your wedding food. Being that an engagement party is a little more casual (and no less celebratory), it allows you to get creative. A great way to show off your style as a couple is to create signature drinks with your bar tender or put a special twist on your food.

You may want to hold your party during the night or you may opt for gathering in the late afternoon. Parties during the night are better off serving a main course or a variety of finger foods, while earlier events can settle for a circuit of small dishes. For those who are on a budget, buffet style is the best way to satisfy everyone. With different food choices, subjective portions, and simple presentation, the future bride and groom can focus on the party


Young man sitting in armchair, playing a guitar

Young man sitting in armchair, playing a guitar

Live music is a great way to keep guests entertained, especially if the couple is in to music. However, there are plenty of other options for couples looking to make their engagement party interesting. Some other options are:

• Games and activities

• Photobooth

• Performers

• Dancers

• Magicians

For family-oriented engagement parties, pictures of the bride and groom throughout their relationship – or even baby pictures – really hit that sentimental note.

Speeches are a common inclusion during an engagement party and are usually performed by parents or close friends.


An engagement party is a fun occasion that is a great opportunity for friends and family to celebrate an upcoming marriage. If the party is for you, just remember relax and enjoy the occasion!

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