This is what happens when you invite Kate and Wills – or Obama – to your wedding

Radio producer and bride-to-be Georgie Clarke with hosts Fitzy and Wippa - and THAT letter from Prince William and Kate.

Radio producer and bride-to-be Georgie Clarke with hosts Fitzy and Wippa – and THAT letter from Prince William and Kate.

When Aussie radio producer Georgie Clark invited Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, to her wedding, she never expected a response but, boy, did she get one.

The letter below arrived in mid July last year declining their “kind invitation” and, it goes on to say that, “having given careful consideration to the possibilities,” they “very much regret” that they must decline.

They then pass on their best wishes.

Kate and William wedding invitation

Georgie, who admits she has been “obsessed” with the royals since she was a child, sent her favourite royal couple the invitation to her August 9 wedding, along with invitations to several celebrities including Shaggy, Andre Rieu, Nikki Webster and Eric Bana.

The Duke and Duchess’s ‘people’ were the only ones to respond declining the invitation.

Georgie and her fiance Chris received return-to-senders from Nikki’s and Eric’s addresses and have had no reply from either Shaggy or Andre Rieu, though make-up king Napoleon Perdis was generous enough to send a bottle of wine as a wedding gift.

”I got the idea from bridal magazines and websites. It’s sort of a trend in the US to invite Mickey and Minnie, and you get a personalised reply back,” Georgie told the UK’s Daily Mail.

“I actually sent Barack and Michelle [Obama] an invite as well, but I imagine they get a lot of mail so I haven’t received a reply back.”

However, while the US President and First Lady’s ‘people’ haven’t yet responded on their behalves, they are known to do so.

Redditor Gando702 posted the picture below with the caption, “My friends invited Barack and Michelle to their wedding. This is what they received back.”

Barack and Michelle Obama's response to a wedding invitation. Image: Gando702 via Reddit

Apparently, US presidents and their spouses are regularly invited to weddings and, as such, these cards are printed up as a response Fellow redditors claim to have received similar responses from both the Bill and Hilary Clinton and the Reagans.

Similarly, invitations to Mickey and Minnie Mouse famously garner the response below.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse's response to a wedding invitation. Image: San Francisco bride, Mrs Seal

Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s response to a wedding invitation sent by a fan, San Francisco bride Mrs Seal.

A recent invitation to US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel received the following response.

Jimmy Kimmel invitation decline

And, of course, sometimes the celebs do attend.

We recently wrote about how country singer Taylor Swift was invited to a fan’s wedding and, though she couldn’t make it, she did attend the hen’s night – and brought gifts!

Have you ever invited a celebrity to your big event? Did they attend?

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