Handy tips on wedding invitation paper

Should you be crafting your own wedding invitations you will need to decide on the type of paper you feel is appropriate for your cards. The paper is the foundation onto which you can attach accessories and print your preferred message and design. Make sure your homemade invitations are the best they can be with our handy tips on wedding invitation paper.

wedding invitation paper

Mix colours

Using a pair of colours can make your cards seem more expensive. Should you want to create a two-tone effect, find yourself two cards in different shades of the same colour. Alternatively, clashing colours such as scarlet and white can be equally effective.

Prioritise quality

It is vital to use the best quality paper you can afford. Your cards should be robust enough to survive their travels in the mailbag without getting bent, while also holding up well and feeling firm between the fingers.

Look for unusual paper

Utilise less commonly used papers to give your invitations a stylish edge. Have you considered metallic, pearlescent or reflective papers for example? Printing on these cards in black can still be relatively cheap option, though will result in a professional set of invites.

Use textured paper

The texture plays a part in the overall tone of your invitations. Modern invites should be printed on smooth, high gloss paper while those more traditional in design will utilise paper with a linen finish.

Use sheer papers

Try overlaying your cards with vellum paper, a translucent paper that is most often seen in pastel shades or pure white. Words are still visible beneath vellum paper but it adds an extra dimension to your design.

wedding invitation

Use contrasting ink

Should you be using dark or deep coloured papers for your invitations, make sure you print in white or another light coloured ink. Failing to do so will mean that your guests won’t be able to read the provided information. Consider using white, ivory or cream paper with a bold border.

Weigh your paper

Check the weight of your invitation to ensure that you put enough postage on each card. This is especially pertinent if you are using heavy paper and will include a lot of inserts.

Check printer compatibility

Always ensure that the paper you are planning to use is compatible with the printer you have at home. You may even contrast the thicker exterior of your invitation with a lighter paper onto which you can print the invitation details.

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