Create a focal point with wedding ice scupltures

If you think that your reception might be missing a touch of pizzazz, a hint of glamour, a half measure of cool, you could do worse than to install an ice sculpture. These pieces have never been more popular and it’s easy to see why. Here are some great reasons to have a wedding ice scuplture:

Ice sculpture

The perfect focal point

As they are a rarity in day-to-day life, ice sculptures are bound to capture the imaginations of your invited guests. Your friends and family will want to know everything about your fabulous feature including where it was made and how long it will last. They are also sure to be an ice breaker (pardon the pun) between new friends!

Have it carved on site

Should you want more from your ice sculpture than something that looks attractive, why not have one being carved in front of your guests’ eyes as they sip champagne? Bear in mind that a piece created on site won’t last as long as one that has been stored in a freezer but you will underestimate how engaging it is to see a cube of ice transform into a beautiful piece of art.

Incorporate wedding objects

Another alternative to traditional sculptures is to have your sculptor include other objects and decorations in the work. It may include your wedding flowers or some balloons, maybe even cupid’s bow and arrow!  The more significance an object has to you, the more poignant it will feel upon being incorporated into the final masterwork.

Ice sculpture

It can be blended into your theme

Think about the design of your creation and how this may relate to you and your wedding. Remember that an ice sculpture can be anything you wish, you are only limited by your imagination – and the artist’s talent! Don’t think that they just have to be clear either as ice sculptures can be coloured or specially lit to match your theme.

An affordable luxury

Many people believe that ice sculptures are far more expensive than they actually are. Just by researching such pieces of art you will find that they aren’t quite as pricey as you first feared, but they will add a sophisticated edge to your wedding.

You won’t be left with a puddle

Aside from the price, there are two other key myths that put couples off having an ice sculpture at their celebration. The first is that they believe that the work will melt after a couple of hours. This is wrong with pieces displayed indoors lasting for as long as eight hours. The second concern is that they will be left with a puddle in the middle of their venue. Again this is incorrect, all sculptures have a drip tray and drainage system to avoid such a hazard.

An alternative to the wedding cake

Those without a sweet tooth may consider the ice sculpture as the perfect alternative to the traditional wedding cake as a decorative focal point. A large ice sculpture will make a fantastic buffet table decoration and smaller sculptures are perfect for adorning each of your dining tables.

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