Christian wedding music and hymns for your ceremony

For those choosing to have a Christian wedding ceremony, music will be an integral part of the proceedings. Hymns accompanied by the church organ are essential elements of a traditional Christian wedding. Here are some tips to help you choose the appropriate Christian wedding music for your ceremony:

christian wedding music

Christian wedding hymns

Two or three hymns are traditionally sung at a Christian wedding ceremony. The lyrics of Christian wedding hymns tend to express faith, love, joy, hope, and commitment, and they are the perfect way to involve your guests in your ceremony, so you should choose something that is familiar to them so they can join in.

Here are ten suggestions for favourite hymns to include in your service:

  1. Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord
  2. Lord Of All Hopefulness
  3. Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace
  4. For The Beauty Of The Earth
  5. Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven
  6. Morning Has Broken
  7. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  8. Give Me Joy In My Heart
  9. We Pledge To One Another
  10. One More Step Along The World I Go

christian wedding music

Accompaniment for a Christian wedding ceremony

A long held tradition in the Christian religion is the church choir. If you use the choir they can sing a piece on their own while you are signing the register as well as joining in with hymns. The hymns and songs you choose will be given added energy and gusto when your guests are accompanied by a choir, so try to include this in your wedding ceremony.

The organ is another true icon of the Christian faith and the majority of churches will have an organ as well as a dedicated organist. The organ captures the essence of a Christian wedding ceremony so go along and listen to the organist at your chosen church before you decide to have one or not. Imagine the drama it could bring to Wagner’s ‘Bridal March’ or Mendelssohn’s ‘Wedding March.’

If you would rather have external musicians accompanying your wedding ceremony, most churches are very flexible about that, especially if you want friends or relatives to perform the music. Just make sure the musicians you have chosen are able to practise in the church and to check out the equipment and acoustics prior to the ceremony.

If you are looking for something a little more up to date for your wedding ceremony, Contemporary Christian Music, also known as CCM, is a genre of rock and pop music that uses lyrics inspired by the Christian faith. Gospel music can also be an uplifting alternative from traditional hymns. The music you choose for your wedding ceremony is a reflection of how you feel about your religion, your marriage, and the future with your husband, so take time to find something that is most appropriate for you. If you want to incorporate something modern in your ceremony, be sure to check with your vicar or minister first to make sure they have no concerns.

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