If the shoe fits: how to choose your bridal shoes

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Updated on: November 11, 2021

Your wedding shoes are one of your most vital wedding accessories. That special extra something that can elevate your look from great to amazing. They are also an accessory it is easy to fall in lust with and splurge on before considering how they interact with your total wedding attire. Before you dive into your nearest designer shoe store, stop to think about what you really need from your wedding shoes. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing your bridal shoes.

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Have you picked your dress?

Always, always choose your dress before you choose your shoes. Yes, we know it’s tempting to dive straight into a few small wedding purchases before you have your gown, and shoes can be the most tempting of all. But and it is a big but, your wedding dress will dictate every aspect of your shoes and even the most beautiful pair won’t work if they aren’t a good match.

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Are your shoes on show?

The perfect shoes become more pressing depending on how much shoe will be on show. We know brides who have slipped on trainers or flip flops underneath their sweeping floor length gowns and not a single guest was any the wiser. Whereas tea length looks are often defined by a bride’s shoe choice. The more of your shoes you can see, the higher they should be on your priority list.

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What about colour?

Colour can have a distinct impact on how your shoes work with your bridal look. Perfectly matched shoes can create a seamless, clean finish; while contrasting shoes can add impact and excitement. Consider a shoe dying service if you want a perfect match. For contrasting options, tie the colour into your wider theme through flowers and decorations. Don’t be afraid to break new ground with your colour choice, if you opt for bridal white, most contrasting colours will look amazing. Try pink or red for an unusual but beautiful choice.

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Does comfort matter?

You need to choose how much your foot comfort matters, because the frustrating truth is that lots of beautiful shoes hurt. If getting down on the dance floor is more important than height, you need to reflect that in your shoe choice. Block heels and platforms can offer a good middle ground, allowing you to spread your weight more evenly than with a stiletto. If you are a dedicated flats lover, then there are some gorgeous options there; choose styles with lots of embellishment that make your feet feel truly special.

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Can you find a material match?

Material is easy to overlook when it comes to shoe choice but it can make a big difference in bridal footwear. Satin or silk dresses pair better with shoes of similar material, while tulle or breezy designs look out of sync with heavy textile choices. Shiny and patent designs are best avoided altogether, causing glare that feels out of step with bridal and threatening to overshadow everything else you wear.

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What’s your theme?

Your shoe choice should tie into the overall theme of your day. For a vintage wedding, choose retro courts or reflect a high glamour reception with embellishment and stoning. If you are having a relaxed ceremony, you could even choose sandals or wedges that express a care-free vibe. Getting the theming right on the smaller details can help your whole wedding make sense.

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How healthy is your budget?

Creating a clear budget for your shoes can help focus your search. Divide your attire budget into dress, accessories, and shoes. This will keep you from breaking the bank with an impulse buy, and help you to stick to boutiques and labels that stock beautiful shoes at your price point.

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One pair or two?

Many brides are doubling up their footwear needs with different shoe choices for the ceremony and reception. This allows you to go from gorgeous and impractical to pretty and comfortable with ease. It’s also a great excuse for changing up your look in the evening. Consider two shoes and include more of your footwear wish list in your day.

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