Celebrity Weddings: Phil & Angela Ceberano

Informal, but beautiful wedding pictures were Phil and Angela's choice. They capture the couple's style perfectly

Picture perfect, Melbourne power couple Phil and Angela Ceberano

When Phil Ceberano, 44, first set eyes upon his wife-to-be, he was knocked out, later describing her as looking like a 1960’s movie star. Angela Crews, 28, was equally impressed. As a senior publicist at Sony Music she knew a top-notch performer when she heard one.

Unfortunately, they were both in relationships at the time, but never forgot one another.

Of course, fate intervened and brought them back together – and they were engaged three months later!

Today, Phil remains one of the country’s best-known (and best-loved) guitarists/entertainers, while Angela runs Melbourne-based Flourish PR, whose clients include the likes of Michael Bolton, Guns ‘N’ Roses and Guy Sebastian, who sang at their wedding.

It truly is a match made in musical heaven!

1 – When were you married?

We were married on October 11, 2008 at Athol Hall in Bradley’s Head in Sydney.

2 –  How did you meet Phil meet?

Phil and I met about seven years ago at a gig in Sydney. We were both in other relationships at the time and he didn’t say anything to me other than, “I’m not cracking onto you, but you look like a 1960’s movie star!”


Our paths crossed again a few years later and Phil remembered me as ‘movie star girl’. He proposed three months later.

3 – How did he propose?

Phil, being the romantic bloke he is wanted it to be a big deal and he had planned it so well.

I had never been to Paris and it was such a dream of mine. Phil organised a European holiday but before leaving he took my Dad out to lunch and asked permission to marry me (how I didn’t know about this was a miracle). They had this secret gentlemen’s lunch tat even my mum didn’t know about.

We had two weeks in Paris which was amazing and we were in our own little bubble.

On the last night, Phil took me to this gorgeous candlelit restaurant. Phil is rarely very serious. He is a bundle of fun and is constantly the one making everyone around him laugh, so when he started talking very seriously about the future, I wondered what was about to happen!

He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We laughed, cried and before calling all our family and friends we just sat with each other in bliss and ordered creme brulee and toasted to ‘us’.

4 – What about the reception?

We had our wedding and reception at Athol Hall in Bradley’s Head in Sydney right on the Harbour. We really wanted the ceremony and reception to be at the one place. We had the most stunning silk marquee built on the lawn in front of our reception venue.

It had a rose-lined white carpet for our ceremony which overlooked Sydney Harbour. We had our photos in the garden while everyone enjoyed Moet Champaign and canapes. It was lovely not to have to leave everyone and we were still part of the celebrations while we had our official photos taken.

We then had the reception at Athol Hall, which was so warm and home-like. We had everyone enter the reception hall as the sun was going down over the harbour. It was perfect.

5 – What dress did you wear?

Shane McConnell, a Melbourne designer helped me design my dress. I wanted something very romantic and vintage inspired. He was amazing to work with. He truly is Australia’s answer to Christian Dior.

6 – Where did you honeymoon?

We had two weeks in Thailand at a gorgeous day spa resort where we had the most incredible honeymoon villa which was set within the jungle overlooking the sea with two living quarters and gorgeous horizon pool. It was very exclusive and very private. We felt a million miles away from anything & everyone.

7 – What is your best piece of marriage advice?

Make each other your priority and do things your own way. Create your own journey and decide what is right for you as a couple.

Phil and I have agreed to never have serious conversations when we’re tired or hungry. Those chats are reserved for times when we’re both well slept and well fed! Both our schedules are hectic and we do spend a lot of time apart, so when we are both at home we make time for ‘date night’ and we make sure to have at least one weekend away together a month to reconnect and have quality time.

8 – What wedding organizing tip do you have or did you learn that might help others organizing their own wedding?

This comes from my own experience and all my friends who have recently been married: try not to be too upset or consumed by problems that come about in the lead up to your big day.

I’m not sure why but people get a bit funny around weddings. They seem to bring out the best and worst in people. I think it’s the combination of joy, nerves, letting go, stress and low carb diets that sends everyone a bit mental before a wedding! Try not to take it on and look forward to the adventure of your life together once you’re married.

9 – Any wedding day disasters?

Yes!!! We had a very unpleasant experience with our vintage Rolls Royce, which involved us being in quite a serious car accident on the way to the wedding.

It’s kind of funny now but was a little heart breaking at the time. Our car, which carried my entire bridal party went up a very steep hill and lost all breaks and went rolling down a massive hill, at a very high speed for about 3kms. The car was out of control, hitting cars on the way down, it was terrifying.

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