Badly behaved: bridesmaid-zillas


Bridesmaids. They’re supposed to support their brides and help share in the joy of her special day, but this isn’t always the case. Some bridesmaids are so unsupportive and cause so many problems, they truly deserve the title of bridesmaid-zilla.

We’ve quizzed friends and family galore – and scoured the internet – in search of the best, or should we say, worst, bridesmaid-zilla stories and, be warned, they ain’t pretty!

(PS: some of these stories are direct quotes, so please excuse the spelling and grammar…)

The bridesmaid-zilla who uninvited the bride’s childhood friends from the wedding

This bridesmaid-zilla cost the bride a childhood friend (or three) by uninviting them to the wedding. The overly enthusiastic bridesmaid heard the guest list was too long and, since she didn’t recognise several of the names on the list (and had never met those people in the years she’d know the bride), took it upon herself to uninvite them to the wedding – without telling the bride. All three were childhood friends, one of whom was flying in from overseas to attend the wedding! Of course, the  bride – and the uninvited friend – never found out what happened until years later when they bumped into each other Thankfully, they’re friends once again – and the mischievous bridesmaid is long gone.

Sandra G., Sydney

The brawling bridesmaid-zilla

Oh, dear! This was a case of not one, but two bridesmaid-zillas, both of whom started ‘grinding all over each other” on the dance floor in full view of the wedding guests. “When the grooms [sic] mom asked them to stop one of the bridesmaids clocked her,” says Reddit user foozerluck, “There was some rolling around on the floor and a full on fistfight between a bridesmaid and the grooms [sic] mom.

“They got broken up from some of the people and then the bridesmaid grabbed a wine bottle and started going after her again.”

-foozerluck, Reddit 

The bridesmaid-zilla who wore a wedding dress … to the wedding

This generous Parisian bride gave her bridesmaids plenty of leeway asking only that they choose a tea-length bridesmaid dress in a dark shade of yellow. For months, her bridesmaid-zilla refused to show the bride the dress she had chosen and only relented two days before the wedding, by which time it was (almost) too late to find another dress. Bridesmaid-zilla had chosen a very pale yellow gown that was almost white. It was also floor-length and covered in intricate beading – and looked a little too much like a wedding dress. Sacre bleu!

-Ines, France.

The indiscreet bridesmaid-zilla

“I had really bad gas, I think from nerves,” says Buzzfeed user faithd48. “The bridal party was about to walk down the aisle, and I let out a horrible fart. It smelled so awful that I knocked my sister over. She fell and pushed a little girl, getting the girl’s arm stuck in a railing. The girl was screaming. Everyone knew about my gassiness by the end of the night.”

– Buzzfeed user faithd48

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The bossy blue-eyed bridesmaid-zilla

A blue-eyed bridesmaid, the bride’s very vain baby sister, only wore clothing that complimented her (admittedly beautiful) blue eyes and silky soft dark hair. So, when she was asked to be a bridesmaid, she accepted but only on the condition the bride change her chosen wedding colours to shades that were more complimentary to the bridesmaids’ colouring so that they were guaranteed to “bring out her eyes.”

The worst bit? The bride gave in to her demanding baby sis and changed the wedding’s colour scheme!

-Fiona S., Fremantle 

The overly amorous bridemaid-zilla

“My wife and I own a catering company and we do a few weddings a year. During one of them, my wife and I were cleaning up an area near the dance floor when one of the very drunk bridesmaids started trying to get me to dance with her. She keeps trying even though I wasn’t going to dance. She then starts grinding on me, and grabbing and putting my hands on her boobs. All the while my wife is standing less than 10 feet away, watching the whole thing. Luckily she saw how everything got started and being the very understanding person she is, my wife was laughing hysterically and teased me about later.”


The bridesmaid-zilla who missed the wedding ceremony

“A bridesmaid passed out and fell into the bushes, very close to the “I do” part. Talk about a show stopper.”

-Reddit user Elejames

The out-of-control bridesmaid-zilla

“The bride’s very drunk sister tried to cut in on a dance between me and my fiancè, and he told her no,” recalls Samantha Marshall on Facebook. “So she followed me to the bathroom and threw a lit cigarette on my dress! She also was mad when another bridesmaid was turning 21 at midnight, and screamed at her, it was the bride’s day and that the birthday girl “was being a whore.

She threw her up against a wall and tried to punch her in the face.”

– Samantha Marshall, Facebook


The drunk-as-a-skunk bridesmaid-zilla

Aside from telling all the assembled wedding guests, very loudly, that she couldn’t believe the bride and groom were actually getting married and shouldn’t ever have been together, this intoxicated bridesmaid-zilla decided to spend the evening showing everyone HER wedding video and telling them how her big day was so much much nicer than the bride’s. Oh, then she vomited in another guests shoes before ripping off her underwear and asking guests to catch it. Yuck!

– Reddit user bam271

The but-I-love-the-groom bridesmaid-zilla

We’ve all had the odd friend or colleague who fancied our partner a little too much, but this bridesmaid-zilla overstepped the mark BIG TIME. She spent months trying to sabotage her bride’s big day in order to stop the wedding from going ahead. Why? It turns out she fancied the groom. No, not fancied, LOVED the groom – and, when her plans failed, she didn’t have any issues telling him so – several times, once in front of his bride-to-be!

– Peter, London

The bridesmaid-zilla +5 of her nearest and dearest

This bridesmaid-zilla wasn’t happy with a mere +1 and brought along her entire immediate family, a total of five people that included her parents and siblings, to her bride’s wedding. The couple marrying had no forewarning of this but graciously asked them to stay. The venue had to scramble to find the extra meals – and the bride and groom ended up paying – $100+ per head – for each extra guest. Too bad the family spent the entire evening complaining about how bad the food and service at the wedding reception were.

– Lara, Dublin

The bridesmaid-zilla who refused to try on bridesmaids dresses

This bridesmaid-zilla went along on the obligatory bridesmaid gown shopping day – but refused to try on even one of the bride’s chosen gowns. Instead, she spent all her time – and more than five bridal boutiques – trying on wedding dresses! She didn’t even have a boyfriend.

– Jennifer, Melbourne

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