10 Christmas-themed engagement announcements

Christmas is a time of family, generosity, and love – the perfect opportunity to announce your engagement! In the spirit of the holiday season, here are 10 festive-themed engagement ideas that combine Christmas and romance in the most perfect (and slightly corny) way.

1. Wreath wrangling

Strike a peekaboo pose through the middle of a wreath, or lasso your lover around the waist and have the giant holly-clad circle bind the two of you together in a full frontal kiss.

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 1

2. Get handy with candy (canes)

Join together two together to make a love heart with you and your partner each holding a half. It’s cute – and just a little corny, but very, very, term, sweet!

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 2

3. Pose with presents

Chances are you’ve already got some wrapped up ready to go, so save yourself the trouble of preparing props and use the real deal to snuggle up to your fiance.

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 3

4. Have a bauble bath

We can’t find a photo for this, which means it’s obviously never been done before – filling an entire bath tub with Christmas ornaments and having a bauble bath with your best friend! You don’t even have to get your gear off to make a statement. It’s cheeky, and potentially never been attempted in the history of Christmas inspired engagement announcements – who wants to go first?

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 4

5. Get turned on

Wrap you and your fiance in a string of Christmas lights and get turned on – by electricity – for the photo shoot with this symbolic gesture of unity and togetherness.

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 5

6. Santa’s little helpers

It’s easy, cheap and makes great Aussie Christmas engagement announcements for sun-kissed beach lovers and outdoorsy types. Planning a beach wedding? Don some Santa hats, hit the sand and give guests a teaser of what’s to come!

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 6

7. Missletoe kisses

Cliche, but undeniably cute. If it wasn’t an engagement announcement, you probably couldn’t get away with sending this couple-indulgent card to friends and family, but it’s the one time they’ll have to let it slide.

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 7

8. Ring on a string

Recreate the question popping moment for recipients by hanging the ring from a Christmas tree and have the bride blindfolded before it to make people feel as though they are right there with you sharing your special moment.

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 8

9. Cheat

Make the most of your city’s elaborate Christmas displays and head down to town square late at night when nobody’s around to snap a quiet pic of you and your partner in amongst the Christmas trees or gliding across the ice skating rink.

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 9

10. Dress down

You’ve got your entire wedding day to play dress ups with tulle and tiaras, so slip into something a little more comfy for your engagement announcement: an ugly Christmas sweater, in a proportionately awkward partner pose. Animal props optional.

Easy-Weddings-Christmas-engagements 10

Have you received a Christmas inspired engagement announcement, or had the pleasure of sending the cards revealing your own special news? We want to hear how you combined the two occasions to create a one-part festive, one-part romance greeting card to send to family and friends.

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