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How to avoid wedding dress regret

You're sitting in the car, receipt in hand, wondering what the hell you just did. You've bought what you thought was the 'dress of your dreams'. The saleswoman loved the dress on you. Your mother... Read more

Can I go wedding dress shopping by myself?

You HAVE to take your entire family to the bridal boutique to search for your wedding dress, right? Your mum has to cry happy, proud tears, and your sisters have to shriek with joy when you've found... Read more

What was an 80s bride like?

If there is one word to sum up the decade that was the 80s, it is Big. Big hair, big sleeves, big accessories and big clothes. And bridal style was no exception, with big gowns, big flowers, and the... Read more

What wedding dress shopping is really like…

So, you're engaged! After setting a date, choosing a venue and making that ever-important Facebook relationship status update, it's likely that you will want to get some serious wedding dress... Read more

What does a £50,000+ wedding dress look like?

Ever wondered what your wedding dress would be like if you had a virtually unlimited budget? Well, this list will give you some ideas. Here are some £50,000+ wedding dresses for your viewing... Read more

High street vs designer wedding dresses

A few years ago, buying your dress from the high-street simply wasn’t an option for most brides. Now, a new wave of budget-friendly collections has begun to change this picture. High-street is... Read more

What to do with your wedding dress AFTER your wedding

It's not just a dress - it's the outfit that will take you not only down the aisle but into a new phase of life. Your wedding dress is an iconic symbol of your wedding and it’s hard not to form... Read more

Outfit ideas for non traditional brides

Weddings and wedding dresses go together like, well, weddings and dresses! Ever since Queen Victoria strolled down the aisle in white over 100 years ago, pale, recognisably bridal gowns have been a... Read more

Wedding dress shapes

Don't know the difference between a trumpet or a mermaid-style wedding dress? Here are the seven main wedding dress shapes and their definitions. A-Line [caption id="attachment_43845"... Read more

13 questions to ask before buying a wedding dress

Having your wedding dress custom-made, purchasing it off-the-rack or, even, buying a pre-loved gown are all very different shopping experiences, however, there are a number of overlapping issues... Read more

From satin to silk and creme to charmeuse: wedding dress fabric explained

Picking out a wedding dress is tough enough before you figure out... Read more

What to do with your wedding dress after the wedding

Finally, the day when you get to wear your dream wedding dress had come. It made your then-fiancé gasp in awe; it received tonnes of compliments from guests (and plenty of Instagram likes, too);... Read more

10 transformable wedding dresses we adore

A model wears the Zuhair Murad 'Lexie' dress from the designer's 2017 collection. The dress completely transforms once the outer skirt... Read more

10 wedding dress shopping mistakes

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process, however, it's important to be prepared for your big day of perusing through bridal boutiques. Before you... Read more

How to know when you’ve found the perfect wedding dress

Your wedding gown is such an important part of your big day and, as any past bride will tell you,... Read more

Bridal Barbie: Iconic doll debuts new look in Oscar de la Renta wedding dress

The 2016 Oscar de la Renta Barbie is wearing a gown from the designer's 2014 bridal collection. Image: Barbie via... Read more

10 gorgeous bridal pantsuits

While some brides dream of wearing a frothy, voluminious princess-style wedding dress down the aisle,... Read more

10 brides who wore black on their wedding day

When it comes to wedding dresses traditional white remains the colour of choice for most... Read more

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