Would you wear coloured contact lenses to change your eye colour on you wedding day?

Would you wear coloured contact lenses to change your eye colour on you wedding day?

One in Five Brides Would Wear Coloured Contacts on her Wedding Day

More than 20% of brides would wear coloured contact lenses on their wedding day according to an Easy Weddings poll. 21% of the brides that took part in the poll said that they would wear coloured lenses with 6% saying they would like to completely alter their eye colour and 15% saying their aim would be to enhance the existing colour of their eyes.

Brides want to look their best when they get married and many brides spend a fortune fixing their teeth, improving their skin, or slimming and toning their bodies, so it shouldn’t be surprising that many also want to alter their eye colour. Depending on the type of coloured contacts you use, you can create a dramatic change in the colour of your eyes, or you can just make the best of the colour you already have.

The 15% of brides that simply want to enhance their current eye colour should look for lenses that are described as colour enhancers. These provide a very subtle change in eye colour and many are patterned to create a natural effect. The exact colour you achieve will vary depending on your own eye colour, so order your lenses well in advance to test them out.

While brides with lighter eyes can use colour enhancers, these won’t be very effective on brides with dark eyes. To make an impression on dark eyes, or to completely change the colour of light eyes, you will need to buy opaque lenses. These are more deeply coloured meaning they can cause a dramatic change, such as brown to blue. Think carefully before you decide on a complete change of eye colour for your wedding. You might like the idea of a dramatic change now but in the future your wedding photos may look strange with green or brown eyes when your usual colour is grey or blue.