Will you be getting a spray tan for your wedding?

Will you be getting a spray tan for your wedding?

Almost Half of Brides Opt for a Spray Tan

At least 44% of brides plan to get a spray tan for their wedding according to an Easy Weddings poll. The actual figure could be higher as 16% of brides were undecided and only 40% said that they definitely wouldn’t be getting a spray tan.

Many brides see spray tans as an essential part of their pre-wedding preparations because they’ll be wearing a dress that is white or ivory and will make pale skin look even paler. Wedding dresses also tend to show off a lot of skin around the arms, chest, and back, and many brides feel more comfortable if that skin is golden rather than a pinkish white.

If you’re planning to have a spray tan for your wedding there are few things to think about.  Whether you are applying the tan yourself, or having it applied professionally make sure you have at least one trial run to make sure you get the right colour and ensure your skin doesn’t react to the tanning product. In the weeks before your wedding make sure you prepare your skin in advance by exfoliating and moisturising. This will help you get a smooth even effect without patches.

Choose a shade of spray tan that is just a little darker than your natural skin tone so you don’t end up looking too orange. Think about the other members of your bridal party such as your maid of honour and your groom. Are they naturally tanned or pale and will you look odd next to them in the photos if you have a deep tan? Finally have your tan applied a couple of days before the wedding and make sure you use a spray tan product that won’t rub off on your dress as you don’t want your bridal gown ruined by orange stains.