Will you be buying or hiring the Groom’s suit?

Will you be buying or hiring the Groom’s suit?

Half of Grooms Still Rent Their Wedding Suits

Although renting a wedding suit for the groom is still slightly more popular that buying one, investing in a suit for the wedding is becoming more common according to an Easy Weddings poll. 51% of respondents reported that they would be renting a suit, followed closely by the 49% that said they would be buying one.

There are many reasons for renting a wedding suit for the groom. Grooms often choose to wear something for their wedding that they wouldn’t wear everyday such as a traditional morning suit with top hat and tails. This would be very expensive to buy and would probably never be worn again, but good quality morning suits can be rented relatively cheaply.

Renting suits also makes it easier to co-ordinate all the male members of the wedding party if you want them to look the same. It would be unreasonable to expect the ushers and the best man to buy the same suit as the groom so that they all matched on the wedding photos, but they can easily rent identical outfits.

Buying a suit for the groom to wear on the wedding day is becoming more common due to the trend for grooms outfits to be less formal. Many grooms are choosing to get married in a simple lounge suit or perhaps a linen suit for an outdoor or beach wedding. This type of suits is less expensive to buy and the groom will get plenty of wear out of it in the future. Many grooms prefer to buy their suit if possible as it is likely to be a better fit.

Another growing trend is for mismatched groomsmen, where ushers and best men don’t need to look exactly like the groom. With this trend they can wear their own choice of suit with a unifying element such as a coloured shirt or boutonniere. This means that the groom can buy a suit that reflects his own sense of style rather than being identical to his groomsmen.