Who will be paying for your wedding?

Who will be paying for your wedding?

Bride’s family no longer paying for the wedding

Fathers with multiple daughters can finally breathe a sigh of relief as it seem the days of the father of the bride paying for the majority of the wedding are now over. According to an Easy Wedding poll the most common way to finance a wedding is for the bride and groom to pay for it themselves. Otherwise the cost is often split between the couple and both sets of parents.

Of the 2,400 respondents that took part in the poll, 48% said that the bride and groom would be paying for the wedding themselves. This has increased considerably from 2003 when we first ran this poll, and only 39% of couples were paying for their own wedding.

Modern couples are likely to plan and arrange their own weddings and draw up their own guest lists, rather than having a wedding hosted by their parents that mainly included relatives and family friends. Having the wedding day that they want, rather than leaving it to mum and dad, often meanspaying for it themselves.  Couples are also marrying later in life meaning they are likely to be more financially secure, especially if they are both working.

Splitting the cost of the wedding between the couple and both sets of parents has also become more common and 44% of respondents reported this was how their wedding would be paid for. This shows a relaxing of traditional etiquette and a willingness of both families to work within their means to contribute to the wedding day. Only 7% of weddings were paid for solely by the bride’s family, which is a significant decreased from 2003, when the figure was 12%.